The last handmade dumplings... Lviv... Pre-war Christmas. #SaturdayMemories

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2020 was a sad year for me. On the eve of Christmas, my mother passed away... We usually visited my parents in the village on January 6. Holy evening... Christmas carols with my mother... These are the dearest memories of my heart! Together with my parents, the atmosphere of real Ukrainian Christmas traditions died! Three days of preparing the festive table. 12 dishes on the table in honor of the 12 apostles. Grandfather's most delicious wheat kutya with honey and nuts. Grandmother's incomparable sweet cabbage rolls with buckwheat and potatoes, and for Christmas with meat and rice, and jelly. With what joy and love they prepared all this for the festive table, waiting for their children to glorify the newborn Messiah together!


And so the Christmas Eve 2020 came. My daughters and I tried to create a festive Christmas atmosphere, like when my mother was alive! We made dumplings with our hands in my dad's old country kitchen. We listened to Christmas carols... But dad's eyes were sad... The main person was no longer with him - my mother, his beloved wife...


I had the good fortune to communicate with him, listen to his life stories, make him coffee, comfort his loneliness... He stayed with us for two more years and followed her...
Grandchildren and children will forever remember his wonderful sense of humor and his luxurious Christmas kutya...


I found some footage of my Christmas in my parents' village.
A wave of love filled my heart!

The old Gypsy cat, who loved to sit on my arms.


@darine.darine on the background of a snowy forest...


Darynka makes her own dumplings...


The nativity scene is a costume theater that shows the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus.


They go to people's houses.


There are very funny characters and even very scary ones, such as the devil and death...


Pre-war Christmas Lviv... I liked to walk at Christmas time, feeling this unhurried festive life of the city.



Street musicians create a Christmas fairy tale on the cold streets of a snowless city!



My friend, who came from Kharkiv, and I enter the secret courtyard of Passage Andreolli.



And she is taking a master class on brewing coffee on the sand!



A traditional straw grandfather is installed near the Garrison Temple - it is a talisman for good luck and a rich harvest year!



The mysterious birthplace of Jesus in the hay in the city of Bethlehem in the Church of St. Andrew in Lviv.



Magical reindeer on a sleigh, bring us Christmas snow!



And finally we waited for the snow! A big white fur coat covered the Earth, covering the dirt and flaws, and everyone became joyful at heart.




My precious pre-war Mandarin Christmas...


I want the snow to fall, fall, fall....And cover all the hurt and pain that war brought...
Thank you for your support!


Thanks for showing us bits of the pre war beauty of Ukraine and its customs. Lviv will remain in history as the point of entry for the help Ukraine receives from the West - super critical city.
I wish you all find back this peace and happiness in 2023 which hopefully will be the year Ukraine will start rebuilding its grace in peace and prosperity for all its land.

My Lviv continues to stand, Thank God! But I will probably never feel as comfortable and calm again as in pre-war Lviv! I will walk the streets of my city again, but there will always be time before and after the war... I believe, Оrestis, that one day I will also organize a tour for you in my Lviv, as you did for me in Athens :)

I believe there is a promising future waiting for Ukraine that it's hard to see right now in the darkest hours but I am convinced it will come. In a few months? In a year? No one knows but it will.
I didn't do much while you were here. If you manage to come again I hope we will have time for more. Thank you very much for Lviv, the truth is that I am really looking forward to visit Ukraine and I feel so sorry I didn't before the war.

Sad to here your months passed away in 2020. I can understand your pain as my mother passed away in 2018. Life is nothing without mom. No one can love you the way your mother does. We pray that this war will end as soon as possible and that the people there will start living their normal lives again. All the food that you prepared after so much effort is looking very delicious. I also wish I was going to a snowy area because I love watching snow fall so much.

Thank you for your sympathy. These three years without mom seem like thirty years have passed!
Snow is a beautiful phenomenon! Then the land looks like a fairy tale!

It has been five years since my mother also passed away, but I remember her on every occasion.

Які чудові різдвяні спогади, в яких перемішались радість і смуток! До глибини душі просто, Олечко!

Радість та біль завжди поряд на нашій Землі. Час лікує біль втрати близьких, але смуток завжди буде жити в серці...

That's sad, but at least your mother is in the paradise of God now. I hope she's happy wherever she is now. Happy New Year, by the way.

Thank you. Faith in this gives me strength! I wish you a happy New Year too, dear @ayane-chan!

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Happy new year

I wish you a happy New Year too :)