Another free Hive design for the community to use

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Hive is a social blockchain where all walks of life are welcome. No matter how unique or abnormal you are told you are, we will welcome you. This design aims to get that point across with four vastly different looking Hive-thriving creatures.

I’m on a design spree!

Hive has so much potential already, just after it’s first weekend of being live. The community is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to grow together without being in the shadow of an overlord like we were on Steem with Steemit.

I am doing my part to provide our users with unique designs that they can use for free to help promote Hive across all social platforms. You can check my post from a few days ago for another free design that I released.

Thanks you!

For choosing to take part in the power of Hive. We will work as a collective to become something the world can look to for help in the advancement of humanity.

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I will be posting many more free designs for you to use. As well as much more exclusive content that you won’t want to miss out on.


Cool! Great macro shots of those different bee species. I've bee taking documentary footage and creating small promo vids with them using the bee motif.

Thanks! I was able to get these macro images on public domain through this link

Just followed you and will be checking out the post you linked once I have time later this evening. Thanks for taking the time to create for the community.

This whole Steem to Hive fiasco has really inspired me to contribute more. All the content I used was released under Creative Commons Attribution licenses, so if you need good, usable bee footage of them check out those sources.

Oh wow!!! Awesome! Thank you for your gift to the community.

More to come 😉