2 oz doggy

I picked up this 2 oz silver doggy off the silvergoldbull website, I love 2 ozers and I did not have this coin in my collection.

I really love this series I used to have a few coins in the past that I sold but since then I bought a bunch back including this coin.

There are some coin specifications right below

Thanks for stopping by your support is truly appreciated


Like the big chunky coin feel?

I like how they make the diameter smaller to give it even more thickness

That's why larger 5, 10 and more oz sized coins can excel in quality and detail.

The biggest coins and rounds I had are 10 ozers and now a days I am having a hard time paying for high premiums but I was hoping to get a nice kilo coin , I seen real beauty but it's expensive the coin design is made to look like it's a bunch of old Canadian coins and it's a high relief so it looks amazing bus super high premium

Wow, a 2 oz silver dogecoin. What's next?🤗

An excellent coin. 2 oz doggy has a good amount of Silver !

This is a great pick for nice addition to your collection

Yay! 🤗
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