Certified boobies

A 2 birds with one stone type of deal happened here, I really wanted to add a Libertad to my collection and I did not have any certified graded coin, I was at a jewlery shop and picked up this bad boy for 75 dollars CAD, rather expensive however it was the cheapest Libertad I could findat the time here in Canada, my usual go to silvergoldbull is selling a 1 oz 2022 version without any certification for 105 so I think I got a reasonable deal especially since mine is a bit older and graded.

A week ago I stumbled on a new coin shop and I actually picked up 2 more libertads, a 2 oz antiquated variant and a 1/10 oz variant for a special project but more on those later on when the coin post cue gets to them.

Coin specifications right below.

That's it for today's post thanks for stopping by your support is truly appreciated


Thats a banger man. Sweet one.

Indeed, really glad to get my hands on one

$105 for a 2022 Libertad is ridiculous but that's what the market will bear and some collectors would pay as they bite their tongues. But it is indeed a beautiful coin.
Great score @bitcoinman Viva la revolution!

Some will do crazy things for boobies ,🤣

Oh man I love libertad's! Living in the US Southwest I used to come across and buy these up when I found them. Great coin and thanks for sharing, keep on stacking!

Sweet. Sounds interesting :)

“ libertads, a 2 oz antiquated variant and a 1/10 oz variant for a special project”

The silver coin is nice. Good design and great to stack up !

Libertad is also on my "have to by" list 😉
Great coin.