RCM silver 10 ozer bar

I had an appointment with a jewler he happens to sell coins and bars too and I did buy a few from him but his shop is also near Canadian PMX my first coin/bullion shop so I figured I stop by and see if they got any new 1 ozers, well they did not have anything new but I figured I would pick a 10 z rcm silver bar to add to the stack it had a slight premium however I made the purchase a little while back when the spot price was more favorable and paid 330 cad for it.

Bar specifications right below

That's it for today's post thanks for stopping by your support is truly appreciated


You know what’s crazy, I don’t have one of those in my stack….🥲

It's crazy how many speciments you have that I don't have some that I never seen before

I’ve been doing this for a bit…😎

Very cool bar! The nice thing about jewelers is you never know what you might find. I once bought a 500 ounce bar at a small jewelry shop in the US southwest. It wasn't pretty but it sure was heavy! Thanks for sharing and keep on stacking!

Hope you can share a post about that bar with us sometime

That one I would love too! I'm working out of state and that particular one I put in a safe deposit box. When my contract is up I'll go dig it out!

I hope Elon Mush never gets invloved in a scandal
Elongate could be really drawn out.

Credit: mrhuman88
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My favorite 10 Oz. Silver bar.
It's like buying ten silver Maple Leafs yet cheaper and guaranteed by the Royal Canadian mint.

I hear that , I actually ended up picking up another of a private seller for 320

Is that saying Koch these days though?
I mean about the full backing of the Canadian mint :)

My standard 'Go to" bars.

I'm a bit fan of them , however they got a premium so I just picked one up, I try to stick to the cheapest oz's

Always a perfect stack addition. 10 ounces are my core stack favorite. I think I even have an RCM one like that!

I love em to the premiums for them not so much 🤣

Very nice!!!!

Yay! 🤗
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I like these 10 oz silver bar. It has a good design !

If Canada Gov was smart they’d keep all they produce :)
Don’t they hold like no Gold?

I hold it for them 🤣