Local Coin Shop Scratch & Dent Sale 8-14-2022

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The Local Coin Shop never ceases to amaze me. These are not the first ninety percent pure, Proof Silver Quarter Dollars, I have picked, out of the junk silver box, from the Local Coin Shop. They are not perfect, but still in pretty good shape, for junk, US Constitional Silver. At $5(USD) each, they come at a good discount. Checkout the thicknesses, of circulated Silver Quarter Dollars & Proof Silver! All virtually, weigh the same, minus wear & tear, of the circulated coins. IMG_7468 (1).jpg
IMG_7463 (1).jpg
IMG_7467 (1).jpg
IMG_7466 (1).jpg
IMG_7467 (1).jpg
IMG_7468 (1).jpg

This is not intended to be any kind of financial advice. This is all about a fun hobby, of collecting, stacking & sharing Silver Coins, Treasures, and such.

Thanks again for checking it out, on #silvergoldstackers, where Stackers show & share their treasures, thought & ideas.


I still have to complete mine!!!
I have a couple.
Stack on, @cve3 !

Great selection of Silver coins. All very collectible !

Great score on these commemorative quarters, practically no wear!
I have one 6 coin set as a prize from a YouTube Stacker as I can see first hand the quality of these quarters.

Dam that’s nuts busting them out.

Those are awesome I would snag these super fast if it appeared in my shop

The thickness mhmm. Boi, they sure are thicc😆

United state of America coin always shine difft

Outta the junk box!
Nice finds friend 🪙🙌


Your coin shop seems to always have great deals on constitutional silver, awesome deal.