Adding some Gold!


So this week has been filled with a lot of data entry tasks at work. I’ve been building a bunch of reports from 2020. Sometimes my tables get so big on google docs that it can be a slow process. During these slowing times I usually listen to podcasts or books on tape.

This week however I started watching a gold mining show about a town up in Alaska by the bearing sea. I’m shocked by how many people risk it all to find the gold. It’s an expensive job up in Alaska.


Has anyone else watched this? These people are crazy. Gold fever is real. Watching this gave me a little gold fever and so I picked this up.


Sometime in my life I want to go to a river and pan for some gold. Looks super fun and also super discouraging.

Anyone ever found gold??? If so please share the story. Also, share where unless it’s too too secret.

I’m still investing most my new money into crypto but like picking up some gold and silver every now and then.

Stack on.


Thanks again for the report, @dkid14. There is a Gold Fever associated with Ethereum equaling Spot Gold Price. One Ethereum Ether matching Gold's $1800+ price. The race is on, in fiat dollars.

Go ethereum.

We lived in Colorado, and everything shines!!! Panning for Gold is Lots of fun, very backbreaking, and very addicting LOL, give it a try if you get a chance! 😀

I want to. I'm close to Colorado. Just one state over.

Sounds very nice my friend, give it a try!!!😀

I watch all the gold mining shows. Bering Sea Gold and Gold Rush White Water are my favorites.

I have only found gold while being guided in South Dakota. Ive never found gold since. But I do carry a pan all summer in my truck.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Super cool you did find some. I'll check out the white water show. Sounds eve more dangerous.

Ha - I regularly crash excel from the report size! Spreadsheet nerds for sure.

I have never gone prospecting, just metal detecting. Everytime I watch a show with them pulling gold from a river or beach, or some gem stones, I want to get out there and spend my weekends doing the same thing.

True true. Thanks for stopping by. Long time no chat. Hope all is well.

I live in BC and we had our own Gold rush just before coming into Confederation with Canada before 1871. The Gold rush prompted a lot of development and the economy boomed such that the region became attractive enough for the US and Russia to make territorial claims of the colonial West coast. Canada promised the Railroad to the newly minted Province of British Columbia.
In all the backwoods around and along the Fraser River you would find plenty of evidence of old claims of prospectors and mining companies from years back.
I though about doing the same recreational panning, and likely spend far more cash preparing for it than to buy a 1/4 oz gold Maple Leaf.

Thanks for sharing @dkid14

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Cool. Yeah you have to be willing to spend the money for the opportunity and not the money.

Finding gold is not an easy task. It's very fun and exciting.

Yay! 🤗
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