I think that a silver bug has bit you. I came across stacking by accident while browsing through videos on YouTube. And the more I watched and read about stacking, the more I realize that it made sense to save value in precious metals. Siver and gold are two metals that have been used for centuries as a store of value, and for wealth building. Many cultures worldwide use gold jewelry as a hedge, to be liquidated in times of need. Men and women hold their wealth with them in gold. There is a saying, if you don't hold it, you do not owe it.
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You have certainly made all the right points they are both precious metals as you say and can also be something you can fall back on if in need of emergency cash , i do own some but no where as much as you would have.

You know i use to collect old , old coins from different countries i had some dating back a couple of hundred years or more one i remember was 400 years old and i was devastated when my home got broken into years ago and my coin collection was stolen who knows what they may have been worth today their were over 200 coins in my collection. 🤔

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