Silver bars ! Is it the best choice?

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Silver bars

Most of the time people who preferred stocking metal coins or bars buy silver as it is the cheapest precious pieces in terms of price per ounce. It has a great historical value, wealth and ostentation.

Silver bars are types of silver that come at reasonable prices with greater weights, but they may be less liquid in the market, as it is not possible to predict changes of their price after the sale.
It is a good choice for silver bullion lovers who prefer to get the most value for their money.


Silver bar always one of the great choice. I just wondered why some people ignore it at times

Yes silver bars are amazing and it's a nice choice for beginners

its that your silver collection? pretty impressive. I have a question on silver bars/coin storage~ do the surface oxidize rather quickly for long term storage? Can you get it to be so shiny like the picture without polishing it often?

I avoid picking up silver ingots with my hands، I protect them from moisture by putting them in silica gel packages they are good for preventing silver from tarnishing, when I store them I make sure the container is waterproof if the weather is wet.
It's a simple procedure but it is important my friend 👍

Thanks for the advice. I will take note of this~ :)

It's pleasure

Do you think silver will be more popular with higher industrial demand in future?

Silver and gold is already being used in the semiconductor industry as a real world application and by the looks of how chips are only getting more popular in demand and ever powerful. Shouldn't it logically become more popular with the rise of its production?

That's so impressive. All the Silver bars are great for collecting !

Yes it's the best choice with more profits

Scottsdale is one of my favorite brands of silver.

Yes it's a good stocking type