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RE: #piratesunday : The 1952 South Africa 5 Shilling: The Drommedaris and the founding of Cape Town

Another marvelous story!
I am also a fan of ships on coins and you just gave me an idea of publishing a series with all the coins I have that show ships on coins, dedicated to you.
I will do it as soon as this pandemic ends and I can access all my coins. Thank you for the idea.


That will so cool to see @ronaldoavelino
There are so many coins with Ships and Canada has a fair number of them too, not just the Bluenose. I still have a few Canadian ones yet to write about. I cold chose to write about the Ship itself, it's features and design, or the significance of the ship in history, or the Personalities/Captains ... or a combination thereof.
One I have mulling is the 2012 HMS Shannon and it's part in the war of 1812, with way too much information so I may condense things down to a fictionalized account and yet still true to the historical events.