2018 Silver Dragon & Tiger: Silver Dragon Coins Part 2

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Four days ago I featured the 2017 Silver Dragon & Phoenix, as the first one for my Silver Dragon Coins article series.

The dragon is the most important cultural and mythological symbol of China. It is also a favorite design of many coin collectors and precious metals stackers like myself.

I have long been attracted to anything dragon (and thus collected them in different forms, including in Beanie Baby), even before I started stacking. WHY? I was born on the Lunar Calendar Year of the FIRE DRAGON, the strongest and fiercest Dragon in mythical land!

Today, I will show a second silver dragon coin.

The dragon is the most significant beast in the cultural history of China. It is revered as a mythical being that embodies power, wealth, and good fortune. Those in Chinese society who are believed to possess good fortune are often associated with the dragon, while emperors have longed used the dragon as a symbol of their own power and wealth.

In Chinese culture, the tiger also plays a significant role. The tiger is viewed as a lucky animal as well and has been held in high regard for centuries. A symbol of power and bravery, the tiger's common stripe pattern on its head reflects a design similar to that of a crown.

Although these two beasts appear to circle one another on the2018 1 oz Australian Dragon and Tiger Silver Coin as foes, they are actually a good pairing.

2018 Australia 1 oz Silver Dragon & Tiger BU

Composition: .9999 Silver, Weight: 31.135 g, Diameter: 40.6 mm, Thickness: 4 mm
The reverse of the 2018 1 oz Australian Dragon and Tiger Silver Coins includes the image of a tiger prowling on the left side of the design field as a dragon circles on the right side of the field. In Chinese feng shui, the dragon and tiger are a perfect match for one another and mesh together in ideal fashion on the face of these coins.
On the obverse of the new Australian Dragon and Tiger Silver Coin is Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty serves uniquely as the Queen of Australia, a title she does not hold in all Commonwealth nations, and features on these coins is the right-profile portrait created in 1998 by Ian Rank-Broadley for the Royal Mint of England.


1 Dollar - Elizabeth II 4th Portrait - Dragon & Tiger is a non-circulating coin and is minted in .9999 pure silver in limited quantities.

Stay tuned for the next silver dragon coin in this series!



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Another real beauty of a coin
I think in the Chinese calendar I am year of the Earth Pig

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Nice looking coin

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The 2020 version of this series is not out yet. The Lunar coins from the Perth Mint is usually released a couple of months before early before the start of the new year but noticed that these ones are made available a couple of months before the end of the year.
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