What do you think of Geiger Silver Bars?

I like Geiger Bars!

I like Geiger bars that decided back in 2016 to stack the 100 gram Geiger Bars. But I stopped after having several of them.

The new Geiger Bars are square.

Although I only have one, the more I look at it, the more I like it!

1 oz Geiger Edelmetalle Silver Bar -Original Square Series

Obverse: Features a classic pressed design of the German castle, Schloss Güldengossa, is finished with a brilliant luster, and is inscribed "1 oz FEINSILBER .999".

Reverse: Features a textured design with repeated LEV logos. Serial number is stamped on the bar, and with a black light you can verify this bar's authenticity by viewing an illuminated LEV rhombus.

💗These are pretty and maybe I will stack these!💗

😍#ilikeitalot!!! 😍

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Giegers are pretty premium silver and I don't see many in Canada. I have one little 5 gram bar I got as a gift from Silver Back Stacker back in our YouTube days so I can get an ideal of Giegers sophisticated approach to Stacking with Style.
Always, with Love Sis (Hearts) :)

The Geiger squares are hard to come by now, even on the secondary market. I need to stay away from high premium stuff. But where can it be found. Anywhere and everywhere, precious metals are pricey. Flippers must be having a killing, as I see many bullion coins and generic silver from year 2019 and below that are being sold $40 and above. And we know that they got those at $20.00 per oz max at premiums of $3 over spot or less.
Have a fantastic weekend, my lovely sis @kerrislravenhill. Take care🥰🌺🤙 and xoxo 🤗💕💋!

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Thanks again, Silversaver888. Geigers are some of the best and hard to find. I picked this one gram fractional beauty before the spike in prices. Local Coin Shop. $45(USD) in March 2020.
Stack Geigers if you can find them.

Dang.... since the silver is not available, perhaps I should go for the gold! I love it, @cve3! Thanks for sharing that photo. 🥰🌺🤙

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Those are very nice; @silvertop has one of them and it is very pretty.....but then again, I think all silver is pretty! Thanks for sharing sis, and have a lovely day!💕🌸🤗

I guessed that. They aren't available right now from online dealers. I am, happy to have just this one for now.
Trying to catch up with everyone, sis @elizabethbit!
Have a lovely afternoon, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


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The new Geiger square bars are very unique, secret Santa sent me one last year!🤗
I never have tested it under a black light, that would be interesting @silversaver888!
Take care my friend😍😍😀 I think I will call it a night....11:41 PM LOL!!!

Hmmm.... I don't have blacklight, or do I? Yeah, look at it under the black light, then take a photo and show us, @silvertop!
Have a great day, and take care, my friend @silvetop 🥰🌺🤙

I don't think I have a blacklight, the next time we go shopping in town @silversaver888 I will see if the Mrs can find one. Halloween is right around the corner, and a black light will probably be in with the decorations!
Have a good night my friend!!😍😍😀

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I never find them here. And online, The premium kills it for me. Theyook cool, but I dont have any. Stack it up saver!

I don't think they are currently available from online dealers. And there are just a few in the secondary market, pricing is not competitive at all. I am just so glad I have this one. I'll stick to bullion coins right now, they are the best value!
Have a terrific day, @fat-elvis, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Ms. Saver I Like All Silver and Yes I may have One or Two Geiger's in the Stack. I Like the Fact That they have REEDED EDGES it Protects from them Being Shaved........... @silversaver888. I Love The FACT That You Stack Silver and I know that Lots of GREAT Things are going to Be happening in 2021......

Thank you for being first to comment on this article, @stokjockey!
The 1 ounce Geiger Squares are so very hard to find now. But glad that I have this one.
2021 is just around the corner. We soon will be in the last quarter of 2020. WOW, time surely flies!
Have a nice evening, my friend @stokjockey, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Just Wait Until you See All The Wonderful Things that Will be Happening in the very near Term. Some Of The Most FANTASTIC Things are Going To Be Happening and The Technologies that will be Released will be Miracles for Humanity.......... @silversaver888

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This is for sure a very pretty piece of silver. I hope you'll find more. Your posts about stacking silver are increasingly arousing my interest in it. But one thing at a time ... so for now I am content to enjoy what I see passing here. Thank you for sharing here. 💖😘🌻

I am glad that my articles are arousing your interest. Stacking is fun, enjoyable, and a worthwhile endeavor. It can be addicting. There is no one way to stack. And You stack at your pace depending on your personal circumstances. And it starts with getting your first piece. A silver coin that you like, perhaps. I started with one American Silver Eagle.
Look around my blog post, and see if you like it!
I love seeing you here, my dear friend @hetty-rowan, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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I will have to comeback and look again later for some reason and not sureif it is Hive or my connection but photos are not loading at the moment

I hope your weekend has started well

I like the old design on the Geiger, but I really like the new ones! You reminded me to get some more of these before they go sky high. !tip

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