Queen Within

I was mystified when I checked my mailbox yesterday, There was a small padded envelope inside, but I hadn't ordered anything. At first, I thought it had been placed in my box by mistake, But, my name was on the label.

When I finally removed all the tape and cardboard and other packing materials, I was greeted by a shiny copper round! Then, I remembered that @silversaver888 had said something about sending one to me! That day had been so busy, however, that I didn't think any more about it.

This is a lovely piece titled "Queen Within" and she was sending it to celebrate our founding of the LadiesOfHive community on the Hive blockchain this week! It's a special place on-chain for women to gather and share with one another.

Of course, I had to research this item, as I usually do with most of my acquisitions. I learned that this is a very limited edition piece, as only 1,650 were produced! Even the .999 fine silver version had a limited mintage of 2,631, so that makes this a very rare round, indeed! This round is part of a multi-year series called the Conscientia series and was produced by Golden State Mint. I also learned that there is a similar piece available with masculine imagery.

The majority of the silver and copper in my collection consists of feminine imagery, so this piece will be very much at-home with the others! Her companions will be Selene, Laxmi, Minerva, Thalassa, Lady Liberty, Brittania, the Trivium Girls, Freedom Girl, and many other female figures.

The imagery on the Queen Within depicts a woman seated in a field of flowers, eyes closed in contentment. She wears a crown on her head as a symbol of her power while a baby sleeps at her left arm. A lioness rests beside her, and a Tree of Life can be seen in the distance on the other side of her. A beautiful Full Moon hangs in the sky behind her.

As with all rounds designed by Silver Shield, their very artistic logo appears on the reverse: a flaming sword superimposed over a heart superimposed over a triquetra. There are flames all around the outside. "SILVER SHIELD" is stamped above, while "1 AVDP OUNCE .999 PURE CU" is stamped below. The year of minting, 2018, appears in the bottom-center. As a lovely finishing touch, the edge of the round is reeded.

THANK YOU, @silversaver888, for sending me this lovely gift! I appreciate it and the sentiment behind it so very much! 🤗


   1 Lone Star Precious Metals Exchange (LSPMEX)

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal



Yes, Chris Duane's Silver Shield Rounds are some of the best Silver going. Rare, too. Thanks for showing, thekittygirl .

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Very nice! Also very appropriate way to kick off the Ladies of Hive.

Wow.. I absolutly LOOVE this round alot 😍 so beautiful and silver shield is a favorite of mine.

I have many silver with females to and this piece actually reminds me of one I have that Also have a male piece "Cosmic"


So I really am curious of the new ones 😉 and that is a beautiful silver shield you got there my friend. And @silversaver888 did good picking that piece out, really sweet ❤️

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful evening. Much love 🤗❤️

What a cool present and the power woman in the middle is you

I know my Sis @silversaver888, and I saw it coming (to you) @thekittygirl, when I showed my Silver version on Discord. I'd say it was right on time too.
I bet she has an ear to ear grin as she reads this.
Enjoy your newest addition!

Must be like a veld or something based on the surroundings. Neat coin and @silversaver888 is a peach!

Y'all are celebrating in style, really cool way to share the love.

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Goodness gracious, how did I missed this article!!!! I apologize!
I am glad it made it to you in time. I think that I will provide a link of your article for the seller. I know that she will love this article!
am also happy that it goes with the other pieces in your stack. I am on the look out for the silver version. It is somewhat scarce, and hard to find. Hopefully, someone will let go of theirs, LOL.
THANK YOU, sis @thekittygirl for your encouragement and support. I am very grateful for your friendship.Much love to you, and take care 🥰🌺🤙
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Oh my god, she's beautiful! Love it! What a great gift @silversaver888!
I always read the posts about silver coins with interest, but never actually started buying them so far.. this one is lovely!

@thekittygirl Very nice coin 👌👍😊

A lovely gift from the Lady of Hive to add to your collection. The detail on the piece is beautiful. I must start my collection one day and hopefully join ssg to learn more.

Currently I have the U.S. State Quarters Collection. I need to research my collection of coins to see exactly what I collected in 1999. They've been stored away in my collector's binder given me. I've also meant to add on to my collection, but other projects pulled me in another direction.

Have a great rest of your week.