Oddly enough, I was cited for TAG Abuse by someone's puppet account when I posted a Scottsdale Silver bar with a fictional story around it. I was told it wasn't financial related. Did not reply to my argument.

Hey, I don't remember the specific case and if I reviewed it or another curator did. I lifted the mute on your acc though, so you can post your finance content freely from the interface and earn LEO.

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That explains my underwhelming performance with LeoFinance.

No warning of muting, No opportunity for a review, No RECOURSE, summarily muted. And you wonder why I have yet since posted through the Leo portal. 34 posts since beginning with The Scottsdale Bar post debacle The alleged offending post.

While my colleges of the #silvergoldstackers community are the Showcasers, I make PM stacking Sexy, Historical, Fun, and give it the sizzle. As you look into my entire posting history I don’t spam or shit post, winning at least 10 Curie Wand taps in that time.

Now #teloskanda tribe wants me to be on board and recently gave me a wad of Tokens to drop a tag and use theirs. I lost a lot of ground since, 34 posts worth and feeling bitter about it but it will pass.

Make it worthwhile for me to come back, the name of my accuser, judge, jury and executioner is Kaduni

Black Birds tend to like shiny things ~ The Bloody Raven

Thank you for looking into this @khaleelkazi and have a Good day
Kerris Llewellyn Ravenhill

I actually checked your account and found out that you weren't muted, just undercurated.

We do manual curation, but perhaps some are turned off by the post. Manual curation is a continual work in progress, so I hope we get better as a team of finding good content rather than letting it slip through the cracks.

We're always happy to have users post through, so your content would be curated the same as anyone else who posts through it - posts in our Hive community get 1-10% @leo.voter upvotes and native content gets 11% + depending on the perceived value/curation of the content.

As for giving out grants, we don't do that. But happy to have you either way

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“….I lifted the mute on your acc though, so you can post your finance content freely from the interface and earn LEO….”

That's a surprising change. Did you just lie to me from the start? Say it isn’t so…
Steem or Hive, I expect my Witnesses to upfront, reliable and to give me the facts before I support them. For the founder of Leo and the Leo token I would expect responsibilities at the same level. And in any business the Manager takes responsibility for the actions of his workers; correct them when their wrong or support them when they are right. Then make amends where necessary rather than push the issue aside and ignore them.

Using your TAG police like @kaduni as your Customer Service then do nothing to address my unanswered question/comment for 5 months. No link to “Contact Us” Do you warn anyone about muting? Or do you hope to benefit from me not knowing then go away? Not a cool policy to practice. This is very unprofessional. I don’t really care about the Leo Tokens I would have earned, where an apology would simply do. I’d rather support a Token with a Founder I can rely on in managing this right more important.

As “Undercurated”, “Slipped through the cracks” 34 times? I get the message. I’ll make up my mind at the end of July and time for me to cool down, perhaps this may even turn out to be a post.

Black Birds tend to like shiny things ~ The Bloody Raven

My regards and good day,

Kerris Llewellyn Ravenhill

"a woman scorned" comes to mind ;)
@steemleo may have Fucked Up!

Please post a Sword Ninja Babe gif 😹🤣😂🤣😹

khaleelkazi or perhaps more accurately as @Kaduni can't admit his mistake.