Silver on the move today. Now up over $14 but Bullion Dealers still Sold Out!

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This could be the start of the next Bull run in precious metals. I just looked at the price of silver and it's up over $14/oz. It's not much but all the bullion dealers are still not selling any product.


Then I headed over to the only place I can find silver. (thanks @summertooth!) Scottsdale Mint is selling their 10oz stacker bars at $173.50, this morning they were still around $150, have a look.


Then I went over to eBay to see what was selling over there. What do you know? Scottsdale Mint is selling the same exact bars over there for +$200.


Go pick some up if you haven't already! Anyone else see any good deals that I'm missing out on???

Let me know in the comments below. Happy Stacking!!!!


Anything anywhere close to spot price right now is rare. Congrats to anyone finding good prices on physical silver! Dislocation between physical and digital price has occurred.

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It's good to see the physical price decouple from the paper price. That means fair value isn't far down the road. I'll keep posting any deals I find on here. Thanks for stopping by @drutter.

I would love 5o see those mofos at Scottsdale mint getting to work and looking at their workload for the day. 🙃

It has to be absolute chaos there. As long as they get my order right. 😂

I got mine today, so awesome!!

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I’ll go grab one! Thanks for the info.

No problem. It's the best deal I've seen lately.

Would love to check out Scottsdale but my Checking account is a bit low and I'm in a deficit to my Emergency Cash reserve.

I hear that. I've been buying up what little I can. Need to get my extortion money (taxes) back before I can get much else.

That's a good deal, I am starting to like the bars lately!

They are some great looking pieces. I just ordered some of the 2oz Stackers from them. Can't wait to see them up close. Thanks for stopping by @tbnfl4sun!