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I've got a date this weekend, and it's not with Faith; Don't worry, I'm not cheating on my wife, it's a date with guns...Ok, there'll be a girl too...Take it easy folks, it's a friend y'all, just a friend.

I received a text from said friend today asking if I could take her shooting and, never one to let down the ladies, I said yeah of course. It seems she's had a hard week at work and feels the need for a little stress-relief and one of the best ways to do that is to get out and shoot some guns at the range. Trust me on that, it works.

I've taken this friend once before and she loved it, despite not being into guns at all, and so I suppose she figured why not blast a few hundred rounds down range and then go for some breakfast with the G-dog? Who wouldn't wanna do that?!

The plan is to hit the range early, she is embarrassed about shooting in front of others and there'll be few people there early, if anyone, and after some initial re-familiarisation with the handgun, safety and technique I'm going to get her into some run and gun drills. This means she'll be shooting and moving, shooting and moving; No running mind you, she's not experienced enough for that. She'll have a lot of fun though as I plan to use the village complex we have at the range so she can clear rooms as she moves through...It's a lot of fun; Pop up targets and all.

I'll get her double-tapping targets and working on her accuracy and speed over an hour or two and she'll send 300 rounds or so down range. She's paying for them at 0.25c/round so it will cost her $75 and she'll get to shoot a couple of different handguns I bring for her. I'm pretty sure that'll alleviate some stress; Positive actually.

Afterwards we're going to grab some breakfast and coffee and chat away about whatever, probably her wedding plans I guess...I'll be interested because she's a friend, and it's something that's important to her; Maybe I should say I'll seem interested though. 🤣

You can see Faith brandishing a couple of my handguns in this post, but she's not coming to the range because she's still in a bit of pain from her operation, but the plan is she'll meet us for breakfast; That depends on how she feels though.

So, that's my Saturday morning plans this week, *helping a friend shrug off some work-pressures through a fun morning at the range.

Do you guys do anything to relieve stress that builds up over the week and to help you find your central point? It's important you know...We can't all run at a hundred miles an hour all the time; Even the fastest race cars have to pull into the pits for service sometimes and, for humans, managing stress is very important.

So, what do you do? Read, listen to music, sing, do art, gardening, photography, diy projects, cooking or hobbies of some other kind?

Tell me about it, about how you destress; interested.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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You do guns while I do music. That picture of faith holding guns is badass.

I don't precisely know how my Saturday would go but I just know it would be for my guitar on all hopes there would be electricity.

I want to play a cover for a music competition I am partaking in on hive and if the is no electricity, no cover 😢. My family won't let me play the guitar at night when generator is on moreover the video quality won't be great at night.

Music works too. I've always got music playing, different types depending on my mood. I hope you have power on the weekend so you can get that guitar singing. Do you have an acoustic one also?

Yes I have an acoustic guitar, but I am a lead guitarist. I would need to connect it to my effect pedal.

I have plans in buying a battery powered combo (Speaker). Still saving towards it.

Ok, I hope you manage to get the battery thing. You'll be able to play more. Keep saving.

Definitely I would be. Would also love to learn shooting. In my dreams, I am a secret service agent®️®️ 😂

I guess over there only the criminals have guns right?

Lol... Why did you ask?

The police men and soldiers have gun as well. About a week ago the most unexpected happened in our country.

Of course they do, but do private citizens have guns? I don't mean criminals, I mean normal every day people? Are people allowed to legally own guns like they can here?

Just being positive and enjoy our life every day. Everything will be passing by and sunshine will come in the morning. I also want to know how to use gun.

Well, it'll be raining for the next few days here, so no sunshine in the morning...But there will be guns!

I hope you get to learn how to handle and use a firearm someday, it is a skill so many will never have, but it's a rewarding activity if done right.

For a self defense purposes.

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LOL, does drinking beer count?? Seriously, the can demand for beer over here is insane since March, and I'm part of that group.

Those are some big guns by the way!

Beer is a good way to relieve stress, I used to like going to bars as a young person with friends and having a drink or two, one just needs to be careful as to how much they drink and not make the de-stress become more stress.

I hear you with that concern. It can definitely become an issue

This is true...Both aspects. Having a drink with friends can be relaxing, but over-drinking often will have the opposite effect for various reasons. I've never been a huge drinker, social-drinker is how I label myself, and I find it relaxing to have a beverage with friends, but truth be told, it's probably more about the friends than the beverage for me.

It is a hard line to maintain for some, I was very close to crossing the line, I don't hardly drink at all anymore and most years I don't even need two hands to count the number of beers I have had.

Sounds like we're similar in that. I'll have one, possibly two, but it's often months between sessions. I've only ever been drunk three times in my life and one of them was by accident...Thanks to my brothers who got me messed up on my 30th birthday. It was at home though, not my home theirs, and I wasn't driving. I prefer to maintain my senses when I'm out. People never used to understand, but I maintained my position and never bowed to peer-pressure. (Except at my 30th. Those buggers messed me up.) I have not been close to drunk since.

Once I started using it as a medication, my thought process on it changed a lot. I began to understand like any medication a person can over dose on it and do serious harm. I knew from when I first started drinking all the problems associated with it, but it honestly did not click proper in my brain until I found out it could and did help me as a medicine.

They say, all things in moderation, and whilst I don't always agree with this statement totally, it applies to many things. I mean, alcohol in moderation is cool...Raping people in moderation is not. I think you understand.

Hmm, I'd say beer drinking definitely counts. I rarely drink beer alone, it's a social thing for me, so when I have a beer it's often when relaxing with mates, at a BBQ, over a meal with my wife or some such thing so I find it relaxing. So, yes I think it counts. Let's just throw it all in together, all beer-drinking and say, yep, good stress reliever.

Yeah, a couple of my handguns there...I'm more of a long range rifle shooter but I like to run and gun with handguns too.

Sounds like a fun time will be had. I like to work on one of my car's when i have one as a project to take the stress away.

Working on cars is good...I think the process itself helps, plus the satisfaction gained from completing the work.

Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha! 😅😅😄😅😅😄😄😄. Loved the way you narrated the story — it got me laughing. And I love your diction; and it's relatable @galenkp

Stress, most times, can be a huge headache to one. Well, the way I relieve my own stress is to go out and spend a quality time with my funny friends we always hang out weekly. We do have a lot of fun together, so I feel blessed to have them around me.

It's good to hear that stress is on your radar and you do something to mitigate it. Stress left undealt with can build up and cause many other health issues so it's best to recognise it and work out ways to deal with it.

Thanks for your comment and for sharing your stress-relieving techniques.

Absolutely! Stress do cause many health issues, so it's better to find a way to mitigate it for our health sake, because it isn't good for the body.

Thanks for your response @galenkp
Enjoy your day!

Long to see more of your contents soon!

Have a good time!

There is not much for me to destress from now-a-days being retired. For a lot of years on the really stressed out days I would actually head to my basement and do some hand reloading. It was a great way to let the anxiety and stress leave. By the time I got the cases polished, resized, and what my bullet/powder combo I was going to use, stress levels were down enough to start the careful measuring and loading. I did that for about 6 years.

When in my early 20's I learned to meditate, I would use that a lot to de-stress, I still do at times. I mostly started on meditation because I took on a job that was known to have bad health effects from stress. Through meditation I learned to recognize when my blood pressure was going up and then I would do short meditations to lower it. To this day I still know what my blood pressure is and have surprised many nurses and doctors with that. I am always with in 5 points of each measurement when my blood pressure is taken.

Computer games and reading are also great stress relievers for me, I am one of those that get total immersion when reading and playing computer games, they take me out of this world and deposit me somewhere else, somewhere new to explore, and exploration while it can be kind of stressful, it is not bad stress.

Well, there's a few good ways for sure!

I'm with you on the reloading. I make handgun and rifle ammunition, some by volume and some are precision loads for my long range rifles etc. I find the repetitive actions relaxing, and I often have some music playing in the background. I usually close the workshop door and sit in there for hours, with snacks, and reload.

Meditation is not something I've ever really gotten into, or video games either for that matter. I know they're both used for relaxation purposes, meditation especially.

I think whatever works is legit, and what works for one may not for the other. As long as someone realises they're stressed and does something about it, how they do it is less important.

As long as someone realises they're stressed and does something about it

A lot of people like to deny they are under stress, they are the 40 somethings that have heart problems or issues. They will blame it all on something else like diet, meat, eggs, smoking, on anything other than stress.


I'd say I'm pretty good at realising I'm stressed, probably a 7/10 at it. I'd be a 9/10 in *dealing with it, working to mitigate it, I mean although I suppose it depends on what triggered the stress. It's such a dangerous condition to leave unchecked though, from a physical and mental health perspective.

Sounds like a "BLAST" haha. I'll have to take a few photos of my guns, mostly long guns, and post them in the comments one of these days. It does relieve stress, without a doubt!

I like painting (okay.. no laughing man!) yes painting. I get lost in my head and end up feeling pretty good on the other side of things. I hear some people, um.. do.. ummm.. romantic stuff.. yeah romantic stuff to relieve the stress.. haha.

Drinking a few beers with my friends usually helps too. I tend to ramble more and get all the bad from the week out.

Have fun on Saturday! Don't eat too much. Hope Faith can join you guys for the Breakfast. I am sure she is itching to get out and back to a state of "normal".

There's nothing wrong with painting, my dad was an artist, that's how he made his living, and he also found relaxation that way. I don't think it matters as long as the activity is having the desired effect. The most important factor is that something is being done to alleviate the stress-scenario we find ourselves in sometimes.

I do many different things including building Lego, reading, writing, listening to music, playing the piano, hiking, camping, people-watching in cafes, watching movies and documentaries and so on. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Saturday should be fun. I do quite a lot of instructional stuff with firearms, yes long guns too as I am a long range shooter, and I enjoy helping people. I'm looking forward to it.

Don't forget to use The Pew Community for your gun posts if you do any. 🙂

We are planning on playing tabletop RPGs all day on Saturday. Since they are all horror games (for Halloween) I don't know how relaxed everyone will be but it should be fun. I will probably remain pretty relaxed as I am just there for the fun.

Don't know how relaxed people will be...You mean people might get riled up over the RPG's? Lol.

100 years in the future:

Kid: Dad, how did world war three start again?
Dad: Well, there was this group of people sitting around on the weekend playing role playing games and...

There are definitely people who take it, and themselves, way too seriously.

Had another long week and looking to get out this weekend and blow off some pistol ammo as well. I picked up a nice little laser sight for my Sig P365 and behind on getting to check it out. I'm usually not into those, but I got a really good deal on this and couldn't pass it up. It does integrate really well with the pistol, and fits into "most" of my holsters, but of course not the cool new shoulder rig I had bought for it. Of course, I'll also get the pellet rifle out a bit more as well, just got a thousand pellets shipped in for it, so good to go!

Hey Kris, sounds like a good weekend in store for you. Tell me, how do you think that laser sight will go in the day time? Will it project the dot well enough to shoot by? It'll be interesting to see how it goes and at what range it taps out.

Get a post up if you get the chance,but don't compromise range time, that's more important. 😉

Art, but you already knew that about me so I guess the question was for other people 😆 this weekend I’m supervising birthday parties, the joys 🤣

gonna need to do a lot of art after this 🤣

Hope Faith feels okay enough to join you for breakfast if she can’t get to the range and hope it’s not long before she’s back to normal.

Faith is struggling at the moment, in a lot of pain. She had to go back to the surgeon for a little more tweaking so her legs are very painful...And I'm having to give her injections which I hate doing. She will probably come for breakfast though.

I hope you have a great weekend Ry...Check in here with me if you can. No pressure though...I know you'll be arting.

Oh no poor both of you D:

I'll see if you're still up later, they're teenagers so most of the "supervising" is going to be from my friend's bedroom (basically there just needs to be an actual adult in the house making sure there's no gatecrashers or to provide assistance if they run into actual trouble, the teenagers and the nominal adults are pretty good at doing their own thing otherwise).

I can tell you how that particular situation eventuated if you need a laugh at my expense

I won't get to do a lot of art til tomorrow afternoon maybe, even skipping out on training for these children, the brats XD

they're lucky I love them

Bloody kids...To the salt mines you go you little buggers!

That sounds like so much fun. I'm supposed to go shooting tomorrow but with my work hours being cut i questioning if i can afford it now. But man that rom clearing sounds like a real blast...see what I did there!

Blast...Yeah I see...A masterful use of the English language Dave Shakespeare. Lol.

Oh yeah, you mentioned the shooting - A bummer if you can't go. Fucking work fuckers.

Room clearing is fun. We set it up so that the shooter needs to open the door, no breaching unfortunately and enter with targets arrayed at random to simulate a real-world situation. Also we have dynamic targets...Hit one, and it activates another that pops up, swings out or runs on a cable across a doorway. It's fucking awesome. We also have no-shoot targets (that's the official term)...We call them what they are though, hostages. It's very cool and my friend will have a good time.

That'll be fun! I like to shoot archery; me and all my boys have their own bows. I don't like loud noises, so firearms aren't much for me.

Like your friend, my middle son does not like to shoot with others around, so we look for times when we'll likely be alone. Luckily for us, the shooting range we go to is 95% firearms, and a quiet outdoor clearing for archery which is usually quite empty.

And there is always ice cream afterward.

Archery is something I need to get more into. I have done it of course, just not very much. I have mates who bow hunt but I'm not sure that's my style. I'd like to know how to be accurate with a compound and recurve...There's places to do so here, it's the time I lack.

It's cool that you have something you do all together with your lads. Me likey that - It doesn't happen too much in family groups these days I guess. Ice cream helps too I guess...There's not much I wouldn't do for some ice cream!