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Today was what I call a simple Sunday; you know, one of those Sundays in which nothing of any great import occurs. It was cold outside, by September's standards here in my part of Australia, and it rained hard over the day with brief moments of clear skies as the storms rolled in from the west.

Inside it was nice though, quiet other than the music I had on for most of the day, cosy and warm. I stayed off my computer as much as possible also which was nice as I spend far too much time in front of my laptop most days.

I decided to get onto some menial tasks I've been avoiding for a few weeks, namely de-priming and re-priming a pile of ammunition I've recently fired. After gathering the things I'd need from my workshop came inside to get to work.

In the image below you'll see a couple of spent cases of 6.5mm Creedmoor ammunition. That round silver thing in the base is the primer and the dent in it is where the firing pin has struck it after I've pulled the trigger.

The primer-accelerant explodes into the case-proper and ignites the gunpowder which also then explodes the resulting gases taking the path of least resistance out of the chamber, meaning, down the barrel. Of course, it has to push the bullet out in front of it and there you have it, a bullet sent down range. Sorry if you already know that.

Anyway, I was de-priming the cases and whilst that can be done during the resizing process on my press, I don't do it that way. I take the primer out manually using the hand tool in the image below which takes time but means when I clean the brass the primer pocket also gets a nice clean.

There's no real science behind it really, I just prefer doing it this way. One by one the used primers are removed; I did four hundred rounds today.


Those cases are now ready to go into my Rebel 17 wet tumbler for cleaning which I'll do during the week I guess. After I finished I packed that lot away and began priming cases I have sitting ready for the reloading process i.e. Cleaned, de-primed, resized, measured and batched, trimmed (if required), de-burred and neck-chamfered ready for priming.

Once again I do this manually rather than on my press. It allows for a more precise adjustment and means my primers are all evenly inserted as far as depth goes. These 6.5mm CM rounds are for long range shooting, over a mile, so I'm looking for a very precise round; I take great care in their construction.


The image above shows part of the tool and you can see where a primer is inserted to the die upside down prior to the case being locked onto the tool with the retaining ring. One works the lever and the press raises to insert the primer into the pocket - Some small force is required. That's it - good to go. Primed. It's actually quite a quick process when I get going so I ripped through a few hundred cases in no time.

Just a word on the primers. They're explosive and care must be taken. I always wear safety glasses when I'm priming - One can't be too careful. They are constructed to explode evenly into the flash-hole in the base of the case hence that gold tri-shape in the primer to direct the explosion evenly. They don't go off when dropped but if hit with something they do, and so I'm a little careful. Also, putting them in backwards is not advisable however it happens from time to time, annoyingly. Those are removed carefully and reused.


Once I'd primed the three hundred cases it was time to get packed up and to move onto my next simple Sunday task which was cuddling with Cleo on the couch and watching a movie. Oh, hang on, back that chuck wagon up a little...I should say, preparing coffee and snacks then cuddling with Cleo on the couch and watching a movie, with aforementioned snacks.

Ok, hang on...Let me get it straight. I wrote this post then prepared coffee and snacks then went cuddling with Cleo on the couch and watching a movie. So technically I'm still writing this right now, but when you're reading it I'll not be. Makes perfect sense right?

I've had a reasonable Sunday so far, quiet, but I'm ok with that. I don't need to be out somewhere or doing something amazing to enjoy life. Sometimes the small moments I live are the most valuable. A cuddle with Cleo, my cute little cat, some music and snacks, a movie maybe...Simple, but a nice way to spend some time.

I hope y'all are having a great day no matter what you're doing; life is far too short to allow yourself to not live your moments to the best of your ability.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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All images are mine

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Rain leaves no option of an outing so whatever you do at home is fine. Staying away from the screen for a while is fine for digital detox so doing this must be a different experience. However, I am nil in guns and bullets. I hope Cleo enjoyed your company as much as you did.

 last month  

Being away from the computer screen has been nice. A good break. I hope you had a good sunday.

I am also having a simple Sunday. We are facing Tropical Storm Con Son. It has been raining for several days and accompanied by wind. So we just stayed at home, eating, drinking, watching movies and doing errands.

 last month  

Seems like a good day despite the storm.

 last month  

Ah, a nice relaxing day. I also like to use a hand tool for my primers. Mine's a little different, but I really like it. It took me a few until I found the one I like. After running errands in the morning, I spent the afternoon yesterday (Sat) putting up shelves in my new work area I affectionately call the gun room. Just a portion of our basement that is unfinished. The previous owner left a nice workbench and plywood wall. I've got one more shelf to put in today, then I can get back to unpacking all my crates of reloading equipment and (finally) get setup again. My goal is to also get my press unpacked and mounted to the bench today.

I was able to find a box of primers, and a few pounds of powder for the .22-250 just a week or two before the move, so I've been quite excited to get setup and get some loads going for that. I doubt I'll get any loaded today, but hope to get everything found and setup for maybe next weekend.

 last month  

Hey mate.

Mine is the Sinclair hand primer which I've found to be very good and precise, easy to use. I'm really careful to ensure they're seated consistently because my OCD nature. 😊

Sounds like you're getting things sorted. It'll be a good area once it's all gtg and inside the house too. My stuff is all in my workshop which is external from the house. Still, it's set up well, has what I need and is a good place to hang out.

I bet you can't wait to get that .22-250 zinging. Bloody good calibre that. Some Pew community posts so hope.

Guns can be really beautiful.

I like the pictures too.. They are really clear and sharp...

To me I feel you indulged yourself in your passion.

I like the way you describe the parts of the gun too

 last month  

I indulged in some indoor activities today due to the weather and yep, got something productive done. I had a very relaxing day. I didn't even go hiking which is unusual for me.

The gun thing. Yeah, I've been a shooter for a long time, 30+ years, and so no my way around guns and things. No different to anyone who has a hobby I suppose.

Tha ks for your comment, I really appreciate it. ☺️

 last month  

The one thing they do right at that overpriced gun club, is the all weather building. It's heated and cooled, and I can setup inside for 50, 100, or 200 yards. When I'm ready to shoot, I just slide a window sideways, shoot, and close it to reload.

I was buying primers to rotate my supplies to reload some 6.5 Swedish, and found a 300% increase on primers, and about 200% on powder! They didn't even have any points, told me some guy from down under bought all of 'em up... LOL 😆

I have a primer tool from Lee, and when I pour primers in the pan feed; the grooves in the bottom of the pan turn the primers over for me. I always watch, but it has never missed to date.

I also wear eye protection, but I've never had any problem. Have you? I've had one squib round block the barrel once decades ago. I cut an under-bore sized rod to match the point, and tapped it clear. Cleaned it well, and the bore was undamaged.

Glad you had some kitty time!

Just remember, velocity is King; but bullet weight is Queen....


 last month  

some guy from down under bought all of 'em up

Erm...It might have been me.😀

I have one of those Lee primer-tools with the tray and all. It works great and not once have I had that tray not flip a primer. (I still watch too though, of course.) I love my Sinclair tool though, it has such a nice feel.

I've never had an issue with a primer going off but it's not worth the risk I guess. I've put a couple in upside down though. I make up new swear words when I do that. Lol.

 last month  

I thought that bullet buyer "wanted poster" looked like you, ROFLOL! 😃😁

I like to fill my brass as soon after priming it as possible, just to make sure there isn't any contamination to the primer. The squib round was from a batch that sat in the reloading tray for a while. It was likely just a bad primer, but if I have to leave them after pop timing now; I put a moisture absorber in the packaging. Once bitten, twice shy....

Never had a boom here either, but I assume the next one will!. You should publish some of those new swear words, others might be able to use them too, LOL 😂

I can see poping one that went in backwards, when extracting it. That would be bad if found later! I hate taking those apart with the polycarbonate hammer.

Load carefully, and stay safe!


 last month  

Yep, those kinetic bullet pullers aren't a lot of fun. I always expect the worst but fortunately to date the worst has never happened.

 last month  

I hate them, but they work well...I just don't, LOL! 😆

I know one guy that got about a thousand rounds of 303 because it was unreliable igniting ammo. He used that hammer, deprived and cleaned for a full reload with the original ballistic points! Problem solved, but I'm not that crazy.

I've not used them much, but they seem to work well. The polycarbonate hammer is the same plastic in bullet resistant glass, and with no barrel, the entire case will fail. Maybe that's why they made it from polycarbonate?


 last month  

I've shattered one of these things, shards went everywhere and it wasn't my finest moment. Many swear words ensued. I've been wary of them ever since.

 last month  

Not made to be used by a knuckle dragger I guess, ROFLOL! 🤠😂

It is bad enough to make me avoid it! But I never broke one either....

I did split a bulk buy of ballistic points with a buddy recently, to buffer the expense; and to leave my stock intact.

Shot the 300 last Friday, and I still love it! 💗🤠

Keep watching those primers, and stay safe.


This is exactly how I spend my sundays (excluding the gun cleaning part😌) except I'm on duty at the hospital ....I just love a rainy quiet Sunday of just me, my tv shows and chocolates- lots of chocolate 🙈

 last month  

TV Shows, chocolate and Sundays were made for each other.

I hope your shift at the hospital went well and you find some time to relax.

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