Did you hear that noise?

Heeeyho Readers! Let's talk about bicycle maintenance!

I get dressed in cycling shorts; my white skinny butt all sexy and ready to go. There's a cycling trail circuit just around the corner that's ferpect to warm-up. Also, now that multi-phase competitions are over, training can resume to just spinning the legs for fun — I wish.

Once into the trail, I run over some eucalyptus branches and hear a crackling sound. {Shit}. There goes something expensive as I see my derailleur (the gears mechanism) dangling.


Something broke

Thank God only the mech hanger broke. It's still annoying considering a new part will be delivered only on Thursday and I have a race on Sunday. At least a new hanger is inexpensive compared to a new derailleur.

A mech hanger, or simply hanger, is a small aluminum part that attaches the rear derailleur to the frame. A hanger is designed to break under certain circumstances (crashes, branches jamming the system, etc), that way sparing the more expensive parts.


The mech hanger did exactly what it was designed to do — break! Mech hangers on older bicycles were super sturdy and part of the frame. That way, if you crashed you'd not only destroy your derailleur, but also lose your frame. It was absurd, so engineers came up with a cheap disposable part (that I should have a spare at home).

Well... that's the mountain biking life. One day you win; the other, the trails get you. At least the crackling sound wasn't my leg this time {sigh}.

Pro tip: Don't be like me. Get a spare mech hanger and store it somewhere so you don't need to wait for the mailman. There's nothing as infuriating as not being able to cycle because of a 8 USD part.



Hopefully you fella cycling enthusiasts learned something from my mishap. Meanwhile, I'll just wait 'till Thursday.


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Your intro made me laugh, but I so enjoyed the post. I'm so sorry the trail got the better of you, but I'm not a mountain biker so I know sweet buggerall about bike parts and today I learned something knew and good to know if I ever get into it.

I'm glad it wasn't the expensive part and that you can get one relatively cheaply, but it's not going to give you much prep time before your race. I'm also glad it wasn't your leg 😁

Exactly, no prep this week other than swimming and weight lifting =/
Maybe that was a sign from above that I needed to rest, who knows

thanks for stopping by ^~

I think it was - at least it didn't break while you were at the race, that would have been MUCH worse.

Have a fab day 😁

Don't be like me. Get a spare mech hanger and store it somewhere so you don't need to wait for the mailman.

In that case, I hope you ordered two of them so you will have a backup next time this happens ;^)

Errrrrrrr.. I didn't hahahah
really really short on money this time and I still need a new chain =/

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