The Santa Cruz Canyon Part 3 final

Another day of this excursion began, we were waking up, but this time with more haste than the previous day. We had to have breakfast and pack up the camp (tents, clothes...) that we had set up at Tomas' house.

Always trying to leave the place as clean and natural as we had found it, or even better.

We did not say goodbye to our hosts and did not take a group photo next to the house before leaving.


We began to descend towards the river, this time already in search of the Canyon, we followed that trickle of water until it began to hide under the rocks and the road became complicated and rocky.


It would be about 5 km with these characteristics, the Canyon when it is not rainy season shows all those stones that belong to the bottom of the river. Small stones and other huge ones. Tocas made us go along the road bordering areas with water at times and others avoiding some rock formations to continue the way.



Always taking some time to enjoy the view, those huge cliffs that we had on each side and that were the retaining walls of the river in rainy weather.

Enjoying the vegetation and especially those trees that, as incredible as they may seem, cling to the rocks and grow practically looking into the void.

Always remember that we were 88 hikers, and with different levels of preparation and experience in these matters. Reason that made us more experienced and also as part of the philosophy of the group that everyone was advancing well. To watch over the physical and mental state, which is always very important when doing this type of activities, especially to be able to tell the body that it should continue when the weight of the backpack on the back feels too big.


On the way we reached an area known as "Quita calzones", the name is self-explanatory but it is known as such because in the more or less rainy season a lagoon is formed that must be crossed by swimming to continue on our way through the canyon.

Among the guys we had some who did not know how to swim, and that like our backpacks we should help to cross. For this we had taken several inflatable rafts that would allow us to cross the backpacks without getting their contents wet and help those who lacked this ability. Although there were always those who, before the excitement and excitement, with a little help almost learned to swim there.

After enjoying the bath and passing all our things from one side to the other, we continued.
Crossing other beautiful views, enjoying the constant up and down of rocks.
At some point we made a stop, like the day before, to eat the peanut snack.

As we were approaching the end of the trail, the river that had disappeared under the ground began to appear, which gave us the sign that there was little left and lifted the spirits of the most tired.

Finally we reached the point where we would go up a path to leave the riverbed, but first we decided to enjoy the beautiful place to swim and prepare another snack with what we had left of food. Some cookies with tuna, others with guava. Those who had to prepare the snack this time did it quickly so they could enjoy the bath.


After recreating ourselves for a while there, we went up the trail that led us to a road of about 1 km that would reach the main road of a small town that comes out to the highway. There we would be picked up by the trucks to take us home and put an end to the adventure.


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What a great adventure! And 88 people is quite a large group. It must have been an interesting experience, especially since not everyone had the same skill in hiking.

On the other hand, I would like to make a suggestion as I see you are a new user, if you interact with other users your publications would have much more visibility.
Have a great day:)

Yes, it was a great experience, especially for motivating more people to enter this world of hiking and getting to know the country.

Thanks for the suggestion, that's my intention 😁

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