Hive-Tube finally Released!

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Authored by @Agorise, Ltd.

Over a year in Development, Hive-Tube is finally live!

The 3 ways to use Hive-Tube to EARN MORE...


Install the Hive-Tube plugin onto your webserver and stop worrying about what you can and can’t put online. Earn from every upvote (Like) and Tip on Creators’ media that you host or stream. If you need help, we're here for you.

Featured Hive-Tube Site: - “Censorship and mis-information is rampant on the mainstream media and corporate websites. was launched to bring you the well-researched truths that are being hidden from humanity”.

Media is syndicated to the Fediverse and streamed out P2P so the network load gets distributed (similar to Napster “seeders”), saving you a ton of money on resources and bandwidth. Video quality can stream at 2160p (4K) and radio stations can stream out audio quality of 320kbps!


Are you tired of your videos, livestreams, podcasts and songs being banned and censored by Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify and others? Are you tired of having your funds blocked or seized by Banks, Paypal, Patreon, Publishers, Record Labels, Agents and others?

Pharrell Williams got screwed. He only earned $2700 from his world-famous song “Happy”, yet he has BILLIONS of views for that song online. Imagine if that song was published from some Hive-Tube hosts where it could be earning him passive income forever, without any middlemen stealing his earnings.

Hive-Tube connects your content to the immutable, trustless Hive blockchain, so your earnings are literally impossible to block or censor. Popularity statistics are algorithmically automated too and cannot be faked.

P2P streaming media.. Like, Tip and Earn!

Get syndicated! Just contact your favorite Hive-Tube site hosts and online radio stations with your Hive username. As they publish your media or play your songs, you get paid!
Literally in 3 seconds, with Zero Fees.

Tom MacDonald gets screwed by the Music Industry as well. They constantly manipulate his rank on the Charts, thus forcing him down (to #14 on Billboard!) well below the less successful artists.

The Hive-Tube plugin monetizes ANY streaming media via the Hive blockchain. The best part? It’s totally FREE. Zero Fees and Zero KYC.


Even your audience can earn by posting thoughtful comments that get upvoted and tipped! Does Youtube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud or Netflix pay you for that? NO.

Even your viewers and listeners can earn!

What is the $HIVE currency?

  • Your HIVE coins can be spent at PalmPay merchants worldwide.
    Point of Sale info on: /
  • Earnings are fully transparent and automated, so arguments don’t arise between Creators and Hosts.
  • The HIVE coins that you earn can also be instantly converted into other currencies if you like, at great bridges such as and a plethora of fiat exchanges around the world (for usd, eur, cad, gbp, mxn, rub, cny, etc).
    Market info on:

Automated Audience Acquisition and Retention

    The beauty of Hive-Tube is that it directly pays you to publish your content online. No more middlemen! Even the audience gets paid for interacting with your content (and soon via ios, android and web/tv (see the

    Your content gets syndicated P2P to thousands of other websites and new users in the Fediverse automatically. That equates to millions of new views and listens of your streams.

    Say goodbye to the annoying “Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share, and Click the bell icon” messages.
    Hive-Tube pays your audience, so begging them is no longer necessary.

    Everyone can earn, there are Zero Fees, and nobody can block you. The more Likes you get, the higher your Reputation score goes and the more popular your content becomes. More syndicates = even more income. The trustless Hive algorithm cannot be manipulated, so no more corrupt Agents, Record Labels or streaming platforms to worry about!

Did you know? Some content is earning over $10,000 per post! So come on video bloggers and musicians ... get busy! Get your content uploads onto a Hive-Tube host!

What’s New in Hive-Tube v5?

  • Video Auto-Import
    Hive-Tube can now auto-scrape content off of Youtube, LBRY/Odysee, 3speak and Bitchute (up to every 6 minutes if desired). Auto-importing content off of those sites onto your site enables Hive-Tube to monetize them further for those Creators (and if desired, for the Site Host).
  • More efficient - Now any Linux/Nginx VPS with 2GB of RAM will run Hive-Tube!

Coming soon in future releases:

  1. Monetized LiveChat for LiveStreams
  2. Multi-account posting for Radio Stations
  3. HiveCast Tuner app for iOS, Android, Web, TV and Roku
  4. Radio station plugins for OBS, Mixxx, RadioDJ and SAM Broadcaster
  5. Lokinet (.loki) support for privacy and government domain-seizure protection
  6. Remote Transcoding and Remote Storage (Ceph/Wasabi/Minio) support; nullifies gov shutdown orders

FREE Peertube Server core download (required):

FREE Hive-Tube plugin for Peertube Server:

  • To install the Hive-Tube plugin, just login to your Peertube Server as admin. Go to Administration, then Plugins/Themes, then search for "Hive-Tube" and click "Install".
- Matrix/Element encrypted chat:
- Session: 052f99b1965cb2a54ac516d29d122f5ec7b13e30209c31e9f57f820e7008336758
- Encrypted email: [email protected] 

Tor: http://hivetubeqzxtaenwpdueggwogk2hzp63rysictblk5os5igltkpfueqd.onion

Agorise, Ltd.
Bringing Agorism to the world, one decentralised, chain-agnostic piece of crypto-infrastructure at a time.

Please reblog and spread the word... Nothing beats Hive when it comes to monetizing content... and P2P STREAMING MEDIA. Thank You! 💪😍


Ez! Now I can Save the World with this Internet Magic. Bet bet.
No more censorship!! On Me!


Exactly. We would LOVE to see a site host that showcases Creators that are into safety training videos, shooting skills, gun repair, even 3D weapons scanning and printing. Grab a cool domain name for the site too. If you need any help, we're here for ya! 💪
#agorism #2a #counter-economics

I’m a Music Creator & look forward to that aspect of sharing content.
I will elevate your platform.

Watch me work. Fren.

That's awesome!
I wish someone would run a site host for musicians and bands that don't get the love they deserve. One site, like Spotify that let's us search via genre, artist name, etc. Hive-Tube already supports all that and more, but afaik, nobody has setup a Hive-Tube site for them yet..

How about Rising Star and Emanate?

We're also showcasing independent musicians on @recording-box by producing live sessions from the studio. Maybe we could include Hive-Tube on our website:

Just so you know, we are also very close to releasing Hive-Press which is a Hive plugin for wordpress blogs too. So for example, on your blog (if it's wordpress-based) you could install the Hive-Press plguin and start earning Hive from every one of your blog posts too:

Stay tuned to our Hive blog here @agorise where that announcement also will be posted very soon..

Let's give Spotify and Pandora some real competition.

If you need any help plugging Hive-Tube into, or helping you out with UI/UX etc, just let us know.

You can take a % of the earnings of every video from every musician that posts and/or livestreams on the site and get them a lot more income, reputation, and views at the same time.

We're here to help, contact info at the bottom of this page:

Perfecto! If you need any help at all just let us know. It's very easy to setup a Hive-Tube server, we can even do it for you in a couple hours if you have a server with root access. Our contact info is on so just give us a ping any time. Would be awesome to give Artists some love this way!

I’ll have to see what I can do. I have some resources maybe I can call around and see if someone is up to the task I know I would greatly benefit having a place to publicize.

Good luck! We're here if you need any advice, setup help, etc.

This is a good project. Good to see more centralized social media killer projects on the hive blockchain. Hope things will be as advertised.

This is truly a great project that will promote hive $ to everyone looking up to join soon

Thank you, and we agree :)

Amazing! I must deploy it on MrRvTV haha

If you need any help at all, just let us know. 💪

I will, thank you. After this board meeting I will review this carefully.

Ya know, I had an idea..

Why not setup a website for RV Dealers around the world where each Dealer can post videos on your site of their RV's, atv's, parts and accessories videos for various models, etc? Each video would be kind of like a real-estate "listing" of sorts.

You, as a Site Admin (see could earn a % of the profits from every video that gets posted from every Dealer worldwide (or just for the English speaking Dealers around the world if you prefer).

I like your idea! I did get my site connected to Steem for bit there before the fork. I haven't given up, but I haven't got it back online yet. I have more to learn. I really want to deploy Hive-Tube, do you have a discord I could join to discuss this with you?

We use discord occasionally yes, ping Ken on discord here:

You should reserve a cool domain name for that...

I could but for now works great! Thanks for the comment @agorise

Wow, this is amazing, I am excited to experience blogging here. Reblogged for more visibility.

Thank you thank you @mers MUCH appreciated! 💪


Superb development!


Thanx Frank, it's been a ton of work and as you can see there is more I want to code into it, but this version has most of what the youtubers and others are screaming for imo. Of course the Hive tokens you earn work at all PalmPay merchants too 😊

This is absolutely a lot pack in one, hive blockchain is one contender in Web3.

Definitely. The Hive chain really is the best choice out there for web3 social media (and other things of course) which is why we chose it. I mean, 3-second blocks, free transactions, voting, timed transfers, recurring payments, a growing DEX, NFT's, accepted at PalmPay merchants worldwide... etc :)

accepted at PalmPay merchants worldwide

How do I learn more about that? I'm looking at their site and googeling, but I can't find how this works.

Any questions, we're happy to help :)

This looks more than interesting! Will certainly take a look and give this a try. Bravo for your effort!

Huge thanx @article61 and if you need any help at all, even servers, I'm here for ya :)

Thanks buddy. Hopefully I can navigate through myself but appreciate the offer nonetheless. Good luck 🤞

Well that didn’t last long and I need your help already 😂

I’m trying to login via keychain but get the following message…


I’m 100% sure the fault is mine and maybe something I have to add at my keychain wallet but I’m at a loss as to know what that is. Sorry to be so basic

you have to add the account with the passwords to keychain

Hmm, I usually use HiveSigner myself, but iirc that looks like it could be a couple of different things..

#1 Always use lowercase characters for your username
#2 Maybe you do not have your Posting Key entered properly into your Hive Keychain browser extension

Give that a shot, and hope it helps :)

I was trying to access via my phone and I think I need to first do it using my laptop. Im going to give it a go now so I'll let you know if im still having trouble logging on. Thanks for getting back to me. Top man :)

All sorted, I'm logged in and ready to explore. At first glance the site looks awesome!

back again...I'm logged in but now when I press the publish button it continually asks me to login again? Am I right in thinking I can use to upload videos?

That depends on which Hive-Tube host that you connect to. If they do not want the general public to upload videos onto their server, then they will not give you those credentials.

Since Hive-Tube was just released, we need to find Creators and Site Hosts to use and install it now.

Here is a list of the known servers (although I am sure there are many more) and if we can get some of them to install the Hive-Tube plugin, then there will be many more places where you can upload your videos (see link below).

I have heard there are bands, real estate agents, porn sites, car dealers and expats who want to host their own Hive-Tube sites, so as that progresses, we will try to get them some love here on Hive as well. (well, not the porn of course)

Please help us contact them and let them know about the Hive-Tube plugin! 😊

Haha! Pornstars need love too!

Ok I’m kind of piecing things together and sorry if I’m slow to pick this up. I’ve created an account on peertube (taken from the list of instances) on that site I can upload my vids. So, how does that cross over to where I can earn hive rewards? Do my vids uploaded to peertube auto upload to

I’m stoked!!

This couldn’t get anymore Hype!

Jumping in feet first like

When I watch Hive-Tube videos, I always use the "Smart View" feature on my android phone to send the videos right to my tv. It basically has turned my phone into the remote control :)

Yo this is significant, I need to check that out in all details!

Thanx @manniman it's been a labour of love :)

Discovered Hive-Tube just two days ago and wondered when information about it will be shared here on Hive. Here we go and it was way faster than I expected. Congrats. 😁

Thank you so much @hivediver 💚

Pharrell Williams got screwed. He only earned $2700 from his world-famous song “Happy”

Wow that sucks. I've heard of a few similar stories of how Hollywood actors ending up bankrupt with managment fees etc. even though they rake in millions.

It's all a system designed to juice you and spit you out like dried pulp.

They would have indeed made much more from a decentralised platform like Hive.

Absolutely spot on @islandboi - Actually, it was Pharrell Williams' case that really inspired me to build Hive-Tube. I see so much talent out there (even those guys on the street who play those drum buckets and pvc pipes etc), that I feel we really must get them some attention and passive income, ya know? No "Agent" is gonna ever take them seriously, but the Hive community is a powerful force and I know if we all can show them some love that they too can share some of the limelight and for fucksake earn enough to pay some bills and have a comfortable life. No lambos and all that crap, but a comfortable life nonetheless.

Can we earn here even after 7 days?

If I recall correctly, it's actually 5.5 days. The peakd website still lets us upvote somebody, past that timeframe though. They really should change that by adding a tooltip or alert that tells the user when a post is too old to be voted on.

Imagine if that song was published from some Hive-Tube hosts where it could be earning him passive income forever, without any middlemen stealing his earnings.

What does this mean, because posts on Hive are not evergreen? Unless you reupload every 7 days, which is taboo, you do not earn from a single piece of content 'forever'

The 7-day payout window covers the first 168 hours after the post is published. The moment the first minute after those 168 hours is reached the post is technically evergreen content. Evergreen content is any older content which has value because it doesn't rely on time; tutorials and guides fit this description, so they are always in demand.

Evergreen content drives search engine traffic back to the domain where it was published, so it has value to Hive as a whole if not directly to the original Hiver. This is also why it makes a difference which front-end is used to publish the post.

Evergreen is a great way of describing it. The comments and content are always there, blooming for all to see and interact with. Great point!

You're absolutely right, nothing is forever. On the website, we will change that verbage to say virtually forever. Our thoughts behind this point were that A) Creators will usually post something at least once per week, and B) Creators will be replying to user comments on new, existing, and even old posts too, which can keep their income flowing on all of their posts.

That doesn't happen.

Well, if Creators do not bother to interact with their fans, viewers or listeners, then they probably won't earn much over time.

Engagement is where the money is-- even on old content. The original post may be years after the posting date, but each comment should have its own 7-day payout window. If I left a comment on a 3-year-old post, that comment can generate income if it gets upvoted or liked.

Even if the payout window is closed, tips can be sent at any time wallet-to-wallet.

This is a full university course that students would spend over 4 years to study and but you have simplified the whole process is I'm glad to find this article. Thank you for this awesome information.

Glad we could help! We have a chat group if you guys like to talk web3 stuff at

That's nice catch you at the chat group thanks.

i want to join it, but i am really thinking how join , hive tube,, nice ,i am vloger, but may i upload my vlog here, but how,, i am checking it

Me gusta mucho la idea la voy a probar la red de hive es asombrosa

Te encantará. :)

Sólo asegúrate de mantener tu contraseña y tus claves seguras. "Keepass" es nuestro gestor de claves offline favorito. También hay muchos lugares donde puedes comprar monedas HIVE.

Si "Power Up" (estacas) tus monedas HIVE en HivePower (HP), entonces también puedes ganar ingresos pasivos mientras interactúas con la blockchain de Hive.

Nos encantaría ver el primer sitio web de Hive-Tube en español, así que si necesitas ayuda, háznoslo saber. 💚

I am so Happy that realy nice

Wait, what, where...? I would like to know ( and join) if somebody has this on their server so I can contribute. Of the hosted stuff I only have for now WordPress, so until you make a plugin for that platform I can't serve you much. Anyways, I definitely think that dapp like this is better than YouTube as never anyone paid me for a YouTube comment...

We built a product called PalmPay Woocommerce. PalmPay Woo is a point of sale plugin so that buyers on your website can pay with Hive, Bitshares, Monero, Bitcoin, etc. It's not public yet though, as Wordpress Marketplace has been giving us a hard time about KYC and such. We will never ask for any KYC info in any of our products, ever. Period. #agorism #counter-economics

dapp like this is better than YouTube as never anyone paid me for a YouTube comment

Exactly, and everyone is looking for some extra income these days. Hive-Tube sites are a great way for everyone to earn and finally leave this old antiquated debt-based construct they have coerced everyone into.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

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Normally I stick with text-only content, so please forgive me for my ignorance with multimedia-related matters in my comment.

If I set up a web site featuring videos or audio clips from fellow Hive members (especially those with regular vlogs or podcasts), I would earn HIVE as a host and as a consumer of the multimedia content?

This in addition to earning HIVE as a creator of my own multimedia content?

Should I visit a site such as YouTube or and the content creator uses Hive-Tube v5.5, I would need to identify myself using my Hive account name in order to earn for any likes I get for comments I leave?

The gears are churning quickly in my mind as I leave this comment, so I just wanted to be sure I understood your post correctly before I did anything further.

In addition to the upvote, please accept this slice of !PIZZA as a show of appreciation for your post.

If I set up a web site featuring videos or audio clips from fellow Hive members (especially those with regular vlogs or podcasts), I would earn HIVE as a host and as a consumer of the multimedia content?

As long as someone upvotes or tips said content, and they have even a tiny bit of HivePower (HP), then yes. For example, if someone with a lot of HP upvotes you, you earn a lot more money than someone with a brand new account and basically no HP yet.

This in addition to earning HIVE as a creator of my own multimedia content?

Yes, that is also correct.

Should I visit a site such as YouTube or and the content creator uses Hive-Tube v5.5, I would need to identify myself using my Hive account name in order to earn for any likes I get for comments I leave?

If you run a Hive-Tube server and publish a website that people can upload videos to, then you as the Site Host can earn a % to cover your costs (I would not take more than 5 to 10% max), and the video Creators that post their videos to your server can earn a % as well as long as they have a Hive account username typed into their account settings on your server. If however you are posting their videos and they do not bother to get a Hive username, then the funds cannot flow to them and the Site Host essentially gets 100% of the payouts until that Creator finally types in his Hive account username into his settings on your server. The reason why I recommend that you keep your Site Host payout % below 10% is because what Creator out there will want to post his videos on your server if you take such a large cut of the payouts? That Creator would probably find a different Host to post his videos to that takes a smaller % of the cut of the payouts. Sorry that sounded a bit redundant, but I want to make it as clear as possible.

Oh, and thank you for the Pizza! :)


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You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!

i am getting this issue,,haha
back again...I'm logged in but now when I press the publish button it continually asks me to login again? Am I right in thinking I can use to upload videos? @agorise

Am I right in thinking I can use to upload videos?

No, those guys do not want the general public uploading videos onto their server. They are a private company and have agreements with the Creators that they Host. See my comments to @magnacarta above.

NOTE: As more Hive-Tube servers and websites come online though (please help us spread the word), Creators will have more and more sites that they can upload their videos too. The site was the first, which is why they are featured on the website. Each month, we will try to feature a new site, bringing them traffic.. :)

Awesome well done friend. Hive is a potentially great blockchain for video. The onboard to Hive-tube seems tricky though. What's the simplest process for us? And is it better than 3Speak?
Many thanks

Hi Julian and thank you! 😊

Videos fyi, will never be stored on the Hive blockchain itself. We actually have a saying around here too.. "every byte counts". This means no blockchain bloat or unnecessary bytes stored or sent over the wire. Servers (even Raspberry Pi's) can act as servers for video files..

If you want to run your own Hive-Tube website, please contact us in our room or via email. Knowledge of running a server is needed of course, but the actual install of the Hive-Tube plugin itself is literally a 10-second process. See the instructions on

By the way, we love 3Speak. They also build groundbreaking tech. 💪

Thanks for the insights and info.

So from what I gather you install the PeerTube website onto an existing webserver? I looked at their Github, and it appears to be a pre-packaged website I think? How then does that get integrated into Hive?

Sort of, yes. The free Peertube Server software comes with a UI that you can modify to your liking. Hive-Tube is a plugin for their UI and connects all the Hive-chain related tools and monetization.

Oh nice. Finally let's see if it's something I will use more often.

How does it work though? I logged in using Hivesigner but when I clicked the Publish link it routes me to the login page again. What's up? And then I also see a PeerTube, is that different from dollar vigilante tv???


Hi @artgirl, please see my comments above regarding that site. They are one of multiple different site hosts that are installing the free Hive-Tube plugin onto their server. Those guys do not let the general public upload videos there, but I know that there are more site hosts that probably will want the general public to upload their content. You can also run your own Hive-Server if you like and upload whatever you want.

Can't see the other comment you are mentioning, maybe you can tag me. Thanks.

Just ctrl+f the page for and you will see the comments :)

I'm using an app though. Did you comment on your post or did you reply to me? Because your 2 replies to me doesn't have the info.

The many comments on our post.

Hi again @artgirl, hope you see my last reply regarding that. Any other questions just let me know, thank you :)

Hive Tube has been around for years. -->
Tanks information

That's true, came out a long time ago :)

Hive-Tube is new, less than a year old actually and already uses P2P streaming, remote storage, automated imports with Tor, incentivized user participation without any custom coins, federated content to thousands of other websites, automated beneficiaries system, and a lot more.

I like too, don't get me wrong, but activitypub protocol (in Hive-Tube) really raised the bar imo.

I hope Hive Tube will be better. Because with D.Tube in all honesty I can't really use it, because of these defects of putting videos that don't work anymore or that I sometimes can't load a video. When will Hive Tube be live ?

Yeah, deleting people's videos is no way to get long term user retention imo. Also, these days ya really need to leverage P2P technology, with remote storage and transcoding, etc. Be unstoppable.

Maybe someone should show them Hive-Tube. I don't have any contacts over there unfortunately. I'd be honored to work with them and upgrade their site and backend so that they can leverage all the things that Hive-Tube uses.

Hive-Tube is already live, so anyone who wants to install it on their server can do so. Instructions are shown at the bottom of this page:

Yes the site is online, but I only see scriptures. I meant online as we can see an account login and put video and they automatically add in our Hive blog, like D.Tube

Yes at the moment I haven't found a Hive blockchain video server that keep videos like Youtube. And the difficulty of reading on a mobile phone, among the upload bugs that sometimes don't work with all the videos you want to put on the network.

These guys do not let the public upload any videos onto their site, but you can login with your Hive username and upvote, tip and comment. They use the Hive-Tube plugin:

When I read the conditions of this site, they talk about
Outside, looking at this site, I am not at all a fan of this kind of character, on the contrary I fled this kind of psychology which he conveys on his site. :(

Have you tried They allow just about everyone to post there. Also uses Hive :)