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RE: 8th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

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16hive x .57 = 9.12htu = ~310k hp to overcome the tax.
Everybody with less than ~310k hp are having their stake reduced in influence on the pool.
If you have 155k hp, your tax is ~25%.
If you have less than 155k hp, your tax is up to 50%.
Would you buy hive, and power up, knowing that unless you powerup over 176k usd's worth your influence is reduced the less you do powerup, then on top of that, if you don't vote 100%, or combine on a post that equals that 100%, you lose money because you are too poor to play with the big people.
I can't believe I've missed this angle for as long as I have, I'm slipping.


My curation ROI is ~19% which is well above the inflation schedule, add another 3% for staking rewards to the mix and I am almost doing a 3x. What i think you are not considering is the ratio of vested hive against the virtual supply. Since not all of the hive is powered up a larger portion of the inflation goes to the stake that is active.

Of course not everyone has the same results but I have been around here for almost 5 years and I know how and when to vote. I don't even need to use a voting bot (only about 20%-25% of my votes are automated).

I anticipate that the next hardork will reduce my curation ROI but I am not sure by how much.

You are doing much better than I am, but I rarely vote a post with a payout higher than 2htu.

I think that what you have missed is that if I was spouting nonsense someone would correct me.
They hurried up and got on this when I started beating its drum.
I can't believe that they did this to us two years ago and still expect respect from us.
It was a very questionable thing to do, iyam.

BT is saying that there will be differences in the curation, but not alot.

I can't believe that they did this to us two years ago and still expect respect from us.

I don't quite get what you are saying here. Who is "they"?

The folks that made the decision to introduce the convergent linear curve.
It was a pretty stincy move, iyam.