NFTs - What does "Artistic Situations" stands for, and WHY a pixel art LAB.?

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Dear Hive community,

We have the ability to be ecstatic for information technology, especially blockchain, gaming, cryptography, and the new metaverse term-fantasy.

We recently, get after the idea of displaying data trough the low-storing capacity of blockchain technology meanwhile creating value and meaning, for it, the users. So that's a simple idea that to take images and to store them in low-res on the Hive blockchain but that's the whole of a point that to get the right user experience, (which users expect for NFTs, Metaverse, and other technologies related to gaming) to condition the environment while responding to the desire of the mind.

First, we needed to make everyone able with very different results, to be able to replace painting skills by photography skills, meanwhile furnishing the best of both world, and secondly:

We had to be inspired, in our imagination, it was halo which was closest to the seriousness of an army, and the dream of children with their landscape along with fancy aliens...

That's why we're the most "ecstaticly" enthusiast to bring the concept of "artistic situations" to life on the Hive blockchain. It just require to understand that an artwork, is not to harm, yet to create and secondly what an application is to a software, an artistic situation is to a Non-Fungible-Token... And then, we had to conceive an aggressive yet very dynamical interfaces to provide that cyber-army of open-source the means to dig for "concepts" in his mind, through the fancy world of metaverse but through the term of ARTC. SITN. which wrap the "living object" that a blockchain post is, from the idea, until it's destruction (If there is one).

What will you be able to create and be doing?

One may ask...

  • Conceive elaborate strategies to find the best situations in which be rolling with pixel art ya know ma men!? Don't do it too seriously it is about art. YES ;)
  • Enjoy browsing the low-res images which users use tend to use to say more with less time.
  • +Enjoy the multi-currency wallet interface.

So it is only about pixel arts inside artistic situations ONLY TOO, and yet we don't want to moderate it in anyway except with tips before posting an entry of an ARTC. SITN. in a post.

Please take your time to enjoy both the pixel art editor ( and the gallery of situations (, we also invite the ladies to have fun with something that has been thought for both gender, (and maybe more...! =), just like the our Swiss army (In Switzerland I think? XD) is designed for, furtive and strategically diverse an united beings.

Keep calm about our pixel art army, it will only create art and defend it's passion. Yet with a fun Trans(human)?Interface! Something which "extends expectancy throughout design and concise technologies. Keep care.

With enthusiasm, diligence, and love of life,

  •'s team,
    (Affolter Matias, Father & CO.)

PS: Thanks to the following projects:

Ecency (search engine), (API), Steem-(based) blokchain, Facebook (UI framework), Twitter (Emoji), and Material Design, Google, (UI), and Jeff Christy, 343I, Halo, Microsoft, (for UI idea indeed)...