D.Buzz Bi-Weekly Development Update Report Vol.25 : lots of updates, looking at the stars

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D.Buzz Bi-Weekly Development Update Report Vol.25 : lots of updates, looking at the stars

Hello Developers and D.Buzz Users.

You may have noticed that we didn't post a development update last week (*Last one was 14 days ago HERE ) , this is because we're shifting from a one-week Sprint cycle into a two-week Sprint cycle.

We did this because we were drinking too much Red Bull, literary... and ... By drinking too much Red Bull we mean working too many long hours to get a weekly development out. With a two-week development sprint cycle we can now focus on providing better and more consistent updates, while honoring our developers and giving them time to recover. (* Hey D.Buzz Dev Team, WE LOVE YOU 😍 ).

Let's talk shop, what got done.

  • We completely fixed the iPhone image upload bug which was super tricky and took A LOT longer than expected, and for more than one reason, but it's finally done. It's been pushed to Next.D.Buzz and D.Buzz already so it's live.

With this Bug Squashed and Feature Enabled,
It's Time to Talk about Marketing 👍

  • This bug was the main thing that blocked us from starting a marketing campaign, due to the fact that a lot of people do use iPhones, and we want to onboard them as well as Android users. ( Here's a great bit of statistical data on how many Iphone and Android users there are HERE ).

Our marketing efforts are slated to kick off at the end of December, bearing no crazy other upsets. We are shooting for the stars with the marketing initiative. Our goal is to onboard 1,000 - 3,000 users to D.Buzz by March 31, 2021. Let us say this again.

We want to onboard 1,000 - 3,000 new users to D.Buzz by March 31, 2021.

We also added other features in the last several weeks.

  • PeakD's Beacon service was integrated w/D.Buzz last week, so that our platform will choose the best Public API's, and if the one we are using goes down, it should switch to a better one automatically, this will increase uptime & reduce to eliminate downtime caused by Public API's.

  • Our Lead Devs took 2 days off, after having worked almost every day (minus sick days) since the start of development for D.Buzz 3.0, and starting in January, we will implement a mandatory day off for our Lead Devs, so that they will be REQUIRED to take a day off. (really Devs we love you, but you work too much, rest is important)

  • We onboarded a new part-time dev who has been working in the background for 4 weeks getting familiar with HIVE development, and will help increase the rate of releases + updates in the future.

  • We'll have more news about additional hires in Q1 of 2021, and are growing, step by step, with a strong foundation but, more so building momentum.

What's coming in the next 2 weeks
Targeted for Release/Updates by Dec. 30th, 2020

  1. Fix Search / Hashtag Hyperlink feature.

  2. Change post failure for low RC's to a more descriptive error message.

  3. Add Comment (a.k.a. Buzz's) Viewing on D.Buzz

  4. Enable "," and spacebar closing of tags.

  5. Automatic Delegator for D.Buzz users who signed up for our website & are low on RC's.

  6. Buzz widget (button) that can be embedded to other websites, similar to Twitter's Tweet button, that enables users from 3rd party websites to Buzz that site to D.Buzz

  7. Link shortener using the D.Buzz domain.

8 Developing an in-house marketing team to help with the upcoming marketing push to start January 1, 2021.

(* Note : many of the features listed above are nearly completed, they were just delayed due to the complexity of the iPhone issue).

  • What do you think of these updates and developments?
  • Are you excited about them?
  • How can we improve and be better?

Thank you for being with us on this journey, we have endless gratitude for all the support you have given.

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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Wow! So many things in the bucket list. Way to go d.buzz team. @chrisrice :)

I think number 5 on the upcoming next list is really important. Good to know that the team is thinking about it as well.

Yeah, that's important @dmhafiz34! 😀

  • I will re-organize this list according to priority for our Devs 👍

    Posted via D.Buzz

In the meantime, we may use #GiftGiver for a 7-day delegation (plus 3-day extension) of 20 Hive Power to new onboarded users. This can be done by anybody, particularly those who referred the new users, without the intervention of @dbuzz. :)

Yes. It is a good option. This service is , however, not highlighted in the community.

Maybe we should take the initiative to promote #GiftGiver to all of Hive!

By the way, 3-day extension requests of 20 HP are unlimited, but each request is subject to automated checks (such as the amount of user's own Hive Power).

Feels like you have a lot going on and I think this project has great potential. Now we just need more users, and I think all the current users can help here.

Yeah @anderssinho, we will also try to onboard new users outside of #HIVE through our own @dbuzz team effort 😀👍

Posted via D.Buzz

Woohoo @dbuzz! Thank you so much for all your hard work ((:

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What do you think of these updates and developments?

Totally hyped!

Are you excited about them?

Hell yeah!

How can we improve and be better?

So many things I've wanted are already in the works. I'm so happy about all of this. I'll just as for Re-Buzz feature and polls 😃

I just know about D.Buzz...
I love your platform. I will use it.
I t is like Twitter. I love very much💜