Lets Talk about Integration of D.Buzz into web Apps. (Vimm.TV & Rising Star Game)

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Lets Talk about Integration of D.Buzz into web Apps.

What's good friends!

The block chain is about connection. It's about each clasp on the chain, pulling together the larger system, the system that builds to connectivity, community, foster transparency, and nature growth.

Last week we released special code allows anyone to embed a "Buzz" button on their web page (Read the announcement post Here). This is one way we're working to connect communities together for positive growth!

When you install this button on your web page or Dapp, you can pass it variables, that upon clicking Buzz Button, will populate onto a new buzz on D.Buzz in a pop up window.

Let's Meet the first few teams that integrated this button into their apps.


Web page : https://www.vimm.tv/
On Hive at : @vimm
Developers : @ddrfr33k & @chiren

What is Vimm.TV?

Vimm is a platform for live-streaming events, gaming, and more. It's built on top of the HIVE blockchain and is integrated the "D.Buzz, Embed Button".

On Vimm, when you are watching a live-streaming video, or even if you just want to share it, if you scroll down below the video you will see a share button. This has options to share to traditional social media platforms, but then also to D.Buzz!

They populate your Buzz with information such as what is the URL of the video you're currently streaming. Awesome!


Web page : https://www.risingstargame.com/
On Hive at : @risingstargame
Developers : @atomcollector

What is The Rising Star Game?

This games takes the traditional deck building game and gives it interesting twists with making it all music industry based. Players compete to earn "Starbits" (token), fame, fans and legendary loot.

On Rising Star, you complete daily missions. After you complete these missions they appear in your daily diary at the bottom of the screen. If on a mission you have earned some coveted "Starbits", you have an option to make a Buzz about it!

They don't (at this time) populate your Buzz with any info, but it's a quick and easy way to let the world know you are on your way to being a star!

Both of these are two very separate platforms that integrated the embed button in elegant ways.

There are even more ways to utilize this particular script
For example on our discord channel (Here) one of our developers "missdarkstar", responded to a request from “Unkle Bonehead". "missdarkstar" drafted a bit of code that allows an I-frame integration unto your web page, Just in case you did not want to use the pop-up window feature.

Here's the code:

title="Dbuzz share button"
style="position: static; visibility: visible; width: 60px; height: 20px"
src="https://d.buzz/widgets/buzz_button.html#size=m&text=Hello world&url=https://d.buzz/&tags=dbuzz,hive"

There truly are many ways to integrate a Buzz this button onto your web page.

  • In what ways do you see using this Embed button?
  • How would you make the most use of it?
  • Do you have any examples of how you integrated it?

The D.Buzz team is always excited to hear back from the community, you help shape and grow the future of our platform. Thanks for being you! :D

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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I hope to see dbuzz among the list of apps in the Super socializer plugin for wordpress

Thank you for creating the widget. This is just the kind of innovation we need to drive Hive forward and make it easier for people who may not like to write long form content.

We will be experimenting with different ways of implementing it in Rising Star until we hit the "sweet spot".


Hey @dbuzz, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I am using it now, and it's awesome.

VIMM is a new thing for me, I have never heard of it ... but I know DBuzz and will try it soon. I already play Rising Star.

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