Weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz - Today: Lets Talk D.Buzz v4 Come Dream with us

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Weekly Development Updates for D.BUZZ - Today: Decentralization and delegation.

Welcome to Tuesday.

Let's talk about decentralization.

Having decentralized data storage is important nowadays, because it is one of the only ways to prevent the government, corporations, or other organizations in power from having limitless access to people's data in one central location. It also offers redundancy to protect against catastrophic data loss.

When centralized data storage gets destroyed in a natural disaster or data breach, all the data in that storage will be lost. Decentralized data storage means that when one computer in the network fails, the data remains saved on other computers in the network. This is the very heart of what Web 3.0 is about.

Web3, also known as Web 3.0, is an idea for a version of the Internet that is decentralized and based on public blockchains.
Source Wikipedia

As we are beginning our development push into v4 of D.Buzz, we are looking for ways to increase the options and features available on D.Buzz to our users. However, we currently have no centralized database to store user settings (such as personal preferences selected by each user). This makes development of new features tricky, as we have the most data stored locally as cookies on each user’s web browser. As soon as you clear your cookies, you lose all your custom settings.

Last week, our developers were researching and working on a way to create a decentralized database, so that we can store individual user settings (such as remembering selected options that's not reliant on cookies or a centralized database). This week, we are still very much in our researching phase, but making exciting progress on this objective.

We are also researching the SPK network (@spknetwork / https://spk.network/) for additional ways we could continue to decentralize data storage. We find the idea of integrating with them a very exciting prospect!

Also this week, we are actively redeveloping our automatic delegation script. Earlier this year, we had a server malfunction and lost some data. The data we lost was the automatic delegation script we had already written. This week, one of our developers is reworking the script to make it more efficient. We are currently aiming to have it redeployed early next week.

The development of new features is currently backlogged a bit, until we get a solid foundation and grasp on the v4 framework. If however a bug crops up, we will try to fix it as well.

We want to hear from you!

As we are still in the dreaming phase but moving toward production, we have the flexibility to adopt any new ideas.

If you have an idea or feature suggestion - perhaps an underlying piece of technology we should make use of - feel free to message us on Discord and let us know. We would be excited to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for more updates as development progresses forward.

Community token acquisition

A few weeks ago, we started to power down 1300 HP. The goal is to use this powered-down HIVE to acquire community reward tokens from Hive Engine.

Last week we bought 697.75727991 $LUV tokens and we also bought 227.04 $PIZZA (then staked them).

This week, we are looking at what other community tokens we can purchase to help support our fellow communities on Hive, and at the same time, rewarding those authors who make use of D.Buzz.

  • What do you think of today's updates?
  • What are you most excited about?
  • Do you have any updates you would like to see in the future?



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