Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz.

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Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz.

Ahhh, Remember the good old days before computers and the internet? Back in my day, A program was a TV show, A cursor used profanity, An application was for employment, and a keyboard was a piano!

Times change, and new things develop.
The same is true over here at D.Buzz!

The last week saw many substantial developments on our platform; we would like to share them with you in no particular order, here we go.

10 Updates to D.Buzz

  • Links posted in a Buzz with an additional image link in the same Buzz did not properly hyperlink. The developers fixed this, and it functions as intended and works well.

  • We took down the notice of the slow APIs affecting our site since the problem has been resolved (for now).

  • There was an issue where #DBuzz tried to turn a .jpg, .gif, .png or .whatever in Buzz's into actual images, even when there was no image link before the .filename. We fixed this bug, and now it's possible to talk about these file extensions on D.Buzz without referencing an image.

  • Some permalinks were too long; it was causing an error for some users i.e., @gabbynhice; this has now fixed.

  • There was an issue where posts were missing from people's blogs; this as well is now fixed.

  • There was an issue where some YouTube videos didn't have a thumbnail. However, our mighty developers have fixed this.

  • There was an issue where the 2nd, 3rd, etc. occurrence of a hashtag in a single Buzz wouldn't display as a hyperlink. Annoying yes, however, this has been fixed.

  • We added link embeds (a title and thumbnail added to links). It is slowing our site. We will be re-working this code for fast performance and a better user experience shortly. For today, however, this is a new feature!

These are some of our updates from the last week. I know that they might not sound super sexy. However, we think they have a refined seductiveness to them.

  • Do you use D.Buzz?
  • Have you discovered a strange bug or issue on our platform?
  • Perhaps you have an idea for development?

Post below and let us know.

Thank you, and have a great week!

D.Buzz over and out.


Good to hear that the API issue is solved :)

Love to hear about your updates! I use DBuzz daily and like it a lot! :)

Loving D.Buzz, keep us updated.

So great to see all the progress. Keep up the good work! let's try to be a top ranking Dapp like Splinterlands!

Just adding a YouTube link into buzz without a few lines of context or commentary will also get a @hivewatchers notification.

Yes, we were advised by @guiltyparties to indicate that users should write original content in each Buzz . . and we will add something to the text field in the Buzz form saying that.