Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz (7/7/2020)

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Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz.

They say time marches forward, moving ahead every day. Time and D.Buzz have a lot in common in this sense as we both just keeping marching forward!

This week we have a few big leaps forward for us involving @threespeak, and Dapps, which makes us DHAPPY!

Updates for 7/7/2020:


The link embeds that we initially rolled out caused our site to slow. This slow down was unacceptable, and we removed it. Our epic coding team figured out how to add it back in, and now it works (again) AND does not slow down the site!


The login page had some text displayed too far to the left; while minor, we squished this, and the words now are displayed better (*Or more righter... lol we moved them to the right)!


BIG Victory @threespeak videos are now playable on D.Buzz! WOOT! Drop a link to the video you want to share, add a caption for original content, and then let the community see and play the video on demand! 🙂


The login page now has a Sign-up button that links to HiveOnboard.com / @hiveonboard. We hope this will encourage new HIVE accounts.


Changed the term used for reblogs from "Rebuzz" to "Shares", to avoid correlation with the Steem competitor, "Rebuzz".


Exciting announcement for us, thanks to the community support, we made it into the Top #10 HIVE Dapps on @therealwolf 's HiveDapps.com website!!!!


And, WOOT WOOT! DBuzz started the week in the TOP #150 Dapps according to State of the Dapps. With luck and the ongoing support from you, perhaps we can hit the top 100!

As always:

We are committed to the forward momentum of our platform and building a more robust HIVE ecosystem. If there are any updates you would like us to focus on, or a bug you may have found, please post below.

Till next time, stay buzzy!

D.Buzz over and out.


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Would love it if we could get LBRY videos to embed too like on PeakD!

Cool 😎😎 love the weekly updates! Thanks for keeping us posted! I love using #DBuzz. I've been dbuzzing for over a month now 😉👍