Infestor port to HIVE (Bonus: 5 free HIVE accounts)

in HiveDevs12 days ago (edited)

With the recent commit 3a7ec398, infestor is ported to HIVE blockchain.

Create accounts for your friends, projects, alternative accounts for free. I have issued five gift codes for this party. First come, first serve.

Please, do not use all of the codes if you see this post early, give other people a chance. :)


Account Creation Links

Use these links to claim your account. Every gift code expires once they're used.

Vote for my witness

If you like what I do, consider casting a vote on Hivesigner or on PeakD.


I used the last one to create an account for my daughter. Left the others for other people that might be interested.

@emrebeyler thank you for this gesture! #lobi

Enjoy it Jean Luc. ;)

A nice start for Hive growth, thank you for the offering you are making to people. I have had a hard enough time trying to run two accounts over on steem, and now having to still be on steem and primarily on Hive, I think I will allow my brain to take a break on accounts and leave them for others, but I still wanted to say thank you for the offer.

How can we create gift codes ourselves for our friends? Also I am kinda waiting for a similar system as the original SteemConnect Account Creation stuff.


I got informed about that site today already in another comment. Works fine, except an issue with locales which meant that I had to use it in Incognito mode of my browser...

Dear @emrebeyler,
thanks for porting steeminvite on hiveinvite.
Unfortunately, login with amico doesn't work (I don't receive any message): what could be the problem?
Thank you for your kind attention!

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I do not own hiveinvite. @pharesim is the developer and the owner of it. :)

Oh, thank you for re-address me!

Thanks for this giveaway, though I am not able to get the account.

My first witness vote in hive chain goes to you.