Hiveland | Calling for support and Last Updates

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Hi everyone! @doze here reporting last update on HiveLand

Before last news

Let me go straight to HiveLand DHF Proposal and ask you to check it and vote if you think is worth your support.
We keep building almost every day and there are still lots of things to do and improve, you can help voting the proposal to be funded.

Vote for this Proposal on Peakd
Vote for this Proposal on Ecency
Vote for this Proposal on /
Vote for this Proposal using HiveSigner


Hive Engine Node

As reported in last update, we had some issues on our hive-engine node that forced us to stop the node and rebuild the entire database.

There were a lot of nodes with the same issues but with the help of @forykw everything is running smoothly now!


DLux Tokens

Last week we started to work in collaboration with @disregardfiat and @hivetrending (once again, thanks a lot guys!), on the functionality that allows us to list DLUX, DUAT, LARYNX and SPK when available (on testnet right now).
We are happy to announce that we have already launched and listed the tokens, DLUX, DUAT and LARYNX on Hiveland and we now have one platform with all the Hive tokens.


Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is one of main discussions for team. We now there is a lot to improve regarding site performance and we are doing our best but maybe we need more
In this item, Performance Improvement we have discussed two kind of approach, or we keep going, cleaning code. writing more efficient code, etc, at our possible speed and knowledge or we pay someone to implement this part.
To pay someone (and we have no problems in paying to get things done quickly and efficiently), we need funds, so for now and until DHF Proposal is funded, if will be funded, we will keep working on Site performance at our own speed and knowledge.


Roadmap Update

Proof of concept of some token data
Configure our Hive Engine node
Create Platform Mockups
Define database structure
Create a website based on Mockups
Release of the first version of the platform with token information but without price history
⌛️Update the details of all tokens with the most detailed and complete information possible
Develop an interface to have the RC Cost history
🕐Develop functionality to have the price history of all tokens
Update all the functionalities related with price to support
🕐Make price history available on the website
Develop functionality to show all prices in USD
Develop Cronjob to have the information on the supply of the tokens (circulating supply, stake and burn) always updated
🕐Add the possibility of having more FIAT currencies
🕐Add more languages and their translation to the platform
Analyze how to bring information from Dlux tokens
Develop the functionality to bring DLUX tokens information
Release the Dlux Tokens information
🕐Analyze how we may collect statistical data from Dapps
🕐Analyze how to collect the statistical data of all Dapps
🕐Mockups for Dapps information
🕐Connect dapps with tokens related
🕐Develop the front end for the Dapps information
🕐Develop Cronjob to update all data from Dapps
🕐Release Dapps information


All suggestions all most welcome, help us to improve

Follow us to weekly updates

Vote in HiveLand Hive-Engine Witness


It is a very long awaited project, and we have our own Hive Engine based token analysis tool.
I have entered my vote in your support via ecency. Thanks

Thank you buddy. Appreciate!

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