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RE: 11th update of 2022 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

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A question was asked in Discord today regarding the RC cost rationalization changes. Is there a rough idea of what impact this will have on the costs of various operations? i.e. will custom_json ops increase in cost more quickly during network congestion?


I don't have a firm answer yet, because RC costs depend on real costs, and code optimizations are changing the real costs. A good example is the new json parser lowered CPU cost of custom_json ops. But probably the biggest change will be that we're now accounting for signature costs, which was previously ignored by RC calculator.

So RC costs will be one of the last things we know, as it will be last change to hived before hardfork.

But I do suspect that costs of custom_json will go up (because of aforementioned signature time being included in costs now) and the RC code does increase costs during network congestion. Making that work optimally though will likely require tuning.

New costs of operations are all over the place. Some became very cheap, some really costly. When it comes to custom_json, based on historical transactions the cost went slightly up, however once the optimized parser is factored in, it might actually go down.
There is new mechanism that measures resource popularity in time window (currently a day), so when you try to do the same as everybody else (f.e. play Splinterlands), the cost might still go up, however if in the same time you try to do something else (f.e. write a comment) the cost might go down, because the state resource that comments require won't be as popular at that moment.
The biggest unknown is change in user behavior. HF26 introduces RC delegation mechanism, which might free up a lot of RC that so far was unused or burned on free account tokens. More used RC means higher level of resource consumption which rises RC cost of everything.