Re:Quoted - A sneak peek

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Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on...

Inspired by a post that @tarazkp wrote back in June, I began working on a design for Re:Quoted.

The idea also resonates with one I've been thinking about for over a year now: a place to share short form content, that's quote-like and quotable. So I decided to bring the two ideas together to make one platform.



Re:Quoted, as I'm designing it, fulfils two primary functions:

  • A platform to share short-form, quote-like and quotable content (yours or someone else's)
  • A platform to explore, discover and retrieve such content, and integrate it into your own posts

Progress so far

  • Backend code: I have working backend code that supports a number of custom JSON operations for most of the basic functions of the platform. I'm hoping to bring this to a stable beta and release an API for frontends this month (more on this below).
  • Android app: I have an alpha version that reads data from the server and loads quotes for browsing "trending" content. Login and quote submission still WIP.

Screenshots of app:

(still WIP so design is still pretty rough; expect changes to occur between now and public release)



Release targets

  • THIS MONTH: API that front-ends can use to submit quotes, search and pull from existing ones, for users to integrate in posts/comments (like a quote embed).
  • NEXT MONTH: Android app (MVP): submit and discover quotes/quotable content

Planned features

  • Discussions: forums to discuss individual quotes
  • Beneficiary revenue opportunities for original authors

In the long run, the app/platform will also enable me to implement some of the backend features I had developed last year for my fork of Hivemind (Hivemind X) such as Discussion Rooms, Polls and Native Ads. As well as some content discovery algorithms I've been playing around with (semi-released as Relate a while ago).

I'm really looking forward to releasing an MVP for this soon. Let me know what you think of it :)


Sounds interesting. Would it primarily be directed towards sharing quotes? Or more like microblogging (e.g. twitter)?

Hi, good question.

Yes, primarily quotes/quotable content. Inspirational, motivational, enlightening, insightful, comforting... any short-form content that's interesting and meaningful enough to share with others.

I hope people use the app or platform (via in-post submission etc) to share their epiphanies and the platform becomes a rich source of the above content.

OK, thanks for explaining. I'm wondering if you've encountered many people who are looking for a way to share epiphanies, motivations and quotes, or to read such from others. I'm also wondering what would be different in sharing them using your app vs using the existing frontends.

The primary difference will be that the content will be focused (not mixed with other types) and so will the discussions around it. As such, social tools and monetization methods will be tailor-made for the type of content and the audience. The API will also provide an integrated way for people to include the quotes in their posts or comments, whichever frontend they use, which pulls in the discussions/content/context.

It won't have "HIVE reward pool" monetization, as the ideas I have about tokens are not compatible with the global pool (probably an SMT would be suitable). This is not to say there won't be other monetization opportunities. I have a couple of ideas I'm working on.

There will be many other differences, most of which will become apparent as I share more details on the platform's design and as the use-case develops.

I'm not sure what the market size is for this kind of app, but I know that it's a use-case that I would utilize and hope others will too. Then again, the market size is a dynamic estimate, which can change as the product's adoption increases. Really hard to tell. We'll find out. :)

Are parts of your back end code reusable by other projects?

Yes. All the code will be open source. I will put up a repo soon.

Great! And if the code was written with reusability in mind, all the better.

Self quoting is a very interesting concept.

This is great news! It's always a good idea to blurt any good idea you might have. There might be a developer somewhere who agrees with you and starts quietly working towards making it a reality.

It's you who has done the heavy lifting here. Thank you!