Ruby Client for Hive: hive-ruby-1.0.0.pre.2

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Repository: hive-ruby

There have been mostly minor changes since 1.0.0.pre-1. I'm trying to boost the code coverage, as well.

The biggest change was the addition of 14 bridge (hivemind) methods, bringing the total to 19:

bridge: {
  normalize_post: {post: Hash},
  get_post_header: {author: String, permlink: String},
  get_discussion: {author: String, permlink: String},
  get_post: {author: String, permlink: String, observer: String},
  get_account_posts: {sort: String, account: String, start_account: String, start_permlink: String, limit: Integer, observer: String},
  get_ranked_posts: {sort: String, tag: String, observer: String, limit: Integer, start_author: String, start_permlink: String},
  get_profile: {account: String, observer: String},
  get_trending_topics: {limit: Integer, observer: String},
  post_notifications: {author: String, permlink: String, min_score: Integer, last_id: String, limit: Integer},
  account_notifications: {account: String, min_score: Integer, last_id: Integer, limit: Integer},
  unread_notifications: {account: String, min_score: Integer},
  get_payout_stats: {limit: Integer},
  get_community: {name: String, observer: String},
  get_community_context: {name: String, account: String},
  list_communities: {last: String, limit: Integer, query: String, sort: String, observer: String},
  list_pop_communities: {limit: Integer},
  list_community_roles: {community: String, last: String, limit: Integer},
  list_subscribers: {community: String},
  list_all_subscriptions: {account: String}

For example, to if we try get_payout_stats:

require 'hive'

bridge =
bridge.get_payout_stats(limit: 2).result.items.to_json

This will return:

   ["hive-148441", "GEMS", 17133.466, 12299, 1773],
   ["hive-174578", "OCD", 5612.957, 6306, 1136]

I also added some ops that were missing from the last pre-release, as well as improved stability during timeout responses.

Also see: Ruby Client for Hive: hive-ruby-1.0.0.pre.1


Thanks for the work and updates! @inertia

Great work. Love the updates.