I just did it and it's working fine. Can you explain what the problem is exactly?

When you click the 'upload image' option on the editor, you get an 'add link' response therefore you can't upload images unless it is the feature image.

You can drag and drop images to the editor but that's a good point, I will change it to image selector :)

This is not workimg on the mac neighter on the ipad. In Peakd i can upload images from a folder and insert them into the post. If you are workimg on it, scaling and aligning the image to left or right would be fine!

You mean drag-and-drop upload is not working or you just mention the image button? Because the image button is here only to paste markdown image code, nothing more.

Yes, drag drop not workimg! Image buttom shall be there to manage upload from folder, but still no is!

Ok, so I will take a look at it, thanks for your explanation.

I just pushed an update. From now on, the image button will open the file selector so you could use it without drag-and-drop. Also, I just checked if drag-and-drop works on Mac, and it does, so I'm not sure what problem exactly you have. But please try now :) In case you still have problems, just contact me directly on Engrave Discord.

Ok, this is cool, seems to work. where are the images stored?