Which services are needed to host a HIVE app?

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A brief update. Since my last post, I've determined it would be best to run a witness and RPC node alongside hivemind and jussi. I'm scouring the GitHub/GitLab notes to try to figure out how to do all of this.

There seems to be a lack of PHP overall in the HIVE development community. More times than others, I see people asking for PHP help instead of releasing new PHP apps or even classes for other devs to use. I have identified a few different


Okay, back to the important stuff. I'm currently learning how to Docker-ize my application so it will be easier to develop on the stack. Here's the current list of apps I'll be running:

  • hived / HIAB (Witness/RPC Node)
  • hived price feed (b/c y'all apparently want it as a witness)
  • hivemind (Normalized HIVE data)
  • jussi (RPC Proxy)
  • PostgreSQL (hivemind database)
  • OpenLiteSpeed (Web Server for app and RPC Proxy)
  • PHP (App Language)
  • Probably some rando PHP libraries/classes
  • CodeIgniter (PHP MVC/RAD Framework)
  • MySQL (Website Database)

I'll probably leave hived, hivemind, and jussi to run on the server, and put everything else in docker-compose. This is actually my first time using Docker. I've wanted to try using it for a while now- we shall see how this goes.


Once I get a few things in order, I'll post a link to my GitHub for this project, since I'm totally open sourcing this puppy. I'm starting with docker, since that will fundamentally change how I develop and publish this app.

This is going to be a journey. Follow and show some love if you're coming along for the ride. I was very happy to see so many of you like my previous post! It is definitely motivating to see so many people like to hear what I'm up to. It makes me want to do more of these little write-ups on what I'm doing with this project (and maybe more in the future!).


P.S. I am feeling like less of a slacker after putting all of this together. This is an undertaking! Nonetheless, I foresee myself trying to slack as much as possible once this starts coming together. We shall see.

P.S.S. Oh yeah, I'm also a witness or something now (different username). More to come on that soon.


Keep up the good work!

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