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RE: Hive Account Recovery GUI

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Thank you for this @reazuliqbal. While hopefully I will never need it, I have bookmarked it in PeakD, for future reference. Based on your expertise, for any "average" account like mine, do you recommend we still go to all the trouble of creating all new keys, after the HF from Steem?

Knowing you on SFR and respecting your efforts, in support of them and having recently removed my support from one of the "big boys" in here (long, ugly story ...), I have voted the + 31 MVests under my control in support of your @bdcommunity Witness.

I am very interested in any curation trail you create @reazuliqbal, as I would like to vote with you.


Thank you so much for your witness vote. :)

I think its better to have different keys in Steem and in Hive because, god forbid, if one gets compromised, then then other one won't get affected. With that said, for transparency, I haven't changed my keys yet because of some technical issues, but I'd recommend to change keys.

Okay @reazuliqbal ...

"... but I'd recommend to change keys."

... I guess I will have to work through it then. I think I saw a post where you provided a UI for doing just that. As time permits, I will check it out.

Interesting to "hear" you have some technical issues to follow this same course of action. None of my business on details, though, so just commenting that I appreciate your reference to transparency. I did not miss it ... 👍

Any input on a curation trail of yours, which I could follow?

If you change your master password, all keys will change. You can do that from the Hive Wallet.

The technical issue is that I run bots on my account, they were not updated to work with different keys on both chain. That is why I am not changing my keys for now.

You can follow my vote if you like. I guess you can do that on

Okay @reazuliqbal, some "good news" and some "not so much" ...

First, the good news - I got set up in support of your curation trail, with no problem at all.👍🙃

The "not so much?" Went through the process of changing my password - using the "official" Hive wallet link you provided. After watching (I use Windows on a PC) the spinning circle for far longer than should have been necessary, I decided it perhaps was some sort of refresh issue and went to look at my other keys, to get them stored properly. I was asked for my password. I entered the new one. It failed! Good grief!! 👎😡👎

Thankfully, upon entering my old, original password, I was able to get back in ... Waaayyyy tooooo close for this Hivian ... While I have no idea why I had this outcome, that is just unacceptable to me that the "official" Hive wallet doesn't perform better than that. On a task which is so pivotal to everything else ...

I always use PeakD and see it has a similar function. But ... Since I know nothing of what is going on "behind the scenes" with it, i.e. is it tied somehow to the same failing process of the "official" Hive wallet? Just not willing to risk it ...

I do not understand your problem clearly. You can change your password from this page You have to put your current password, then generate a new password, back it up, then enter it as confirmation, then click update password.

Yes, I did exactly that @reazuliqbal. Upon clicking to update the password, I just watched the circle spin for waaayyyy toooo long, without ever completing ...

Oh. I am not sure about what happened. I did change a password few days back, it worked. May be try again after a few days.