5 Secrets To A Successful Business!

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## You don't need more lessons. You don't need motivational gurus.

You need real, raw, hidden secrets that work. You need the tricks all the top performers are using, but that they couldn't even teach if they tried.

Well this video covers 5 of them. 5 that you likely haven't even encountered, and if you have, you certainly haven't mastered.

Dig in, ryze up, and enjoy!

#### J-Ryze is a teacher who gives practical wisdom for rebels. (He's basically re-parenting the world, the right way.)

He helped me transform EVERY area of my life, and I want to pay it forward by giving you access to him too. I know you'll love his non-judgmental ear with just the right amount of 'tough love.'

J has views like no one else. Honest! I bet if you listen to him for 2 minutes, you'll see for yourself how he can help you achieve your dreams.

In our quarantine-world, people are hungry for REAL CONVERSATION that matters, and J-Ryze delivers.

If you're interested in learning one-on-one from this modern Merlin or want to ask questions about your personal situation, please ask in the comments or send me an email: [email protected]

~Love, Cyn


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Thank you @danielvehe for making this beautiful banner with my photo. I love it! 🙏❤️

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Thank you! ❤️

Would love to collab with you brotha

Jay is always open to collaborations. Please send me an email: [email protected] and I'm happy to discuss it with you and see if you two could be a good fit. Thank you!

Much love, Cyn ❤️

very nice video great mind sharkmind

thank you so much. Glad you're feeling it ❤️

Nice tips, how about tip on persuading

Hi, I'm uploading a video on it soon but here's a guide that Jay wrote on persuasion that may be helpful. If you have any questions please let me know and I'm happy to clarify, or help, or we can ask @ryzeonline himself. Thank you so much ❤️

Much love, Cyn❤️

Thanks for sharing my Persuasion Guide! 🙏

Always my pleasure ❤️

This was a fun one, thanks for posting! Business Is Simple. 🙏

YES! Business is Simple. I'm turning the Biz is Simple page into a post here on Hive so others Hivers can get the info easily ❤️

Exciting project, it'll help a lot of people. Wonder if it'll get translated some day... and be careful of the character limit, lol. 🙏

LOL! omg I know. I'm glad You found the limit though haha. And I agree this will help a lot of people. That's why I wanna do it. I appreciate You. ❤️

(grin) You should be good, the guide is only 26k characters :) 🙏

"Only 26K" 😆😂 😜

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Holy Shit! This is some next level pop psychology from the Eminem of "self-help". Thanks 3speak.
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