Mann-ipulating Science: Sloppy Work, or Scientific Bias?

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Science is for sale.

The video mentions these five things:

  • Truncation of Data
  • Obsolete Data
  • Geographical Data
  • Manufacture of Data
  • Use of incorrect statistical methods

In the video Wrightstone mentions a statistical method that produces hockey sticks. I would have liked to see a little more detail on why that was but I know that sometimes these math topics can be quite involved.

Tree ring data growth is a bad proxy in most cases. The only cases where it is good is when the temperature is the great inhibitor of growth. Now carbon dioxide is a significant helper for plant growth in general. By using tree ring data from cool, warm or hot places; they are taking a proxy for carbon-dioxide as a proxy for temperature, and then using that to show a correlation between carbon-dioxide and temperature.