Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 15 - Reckless Love (Cover)

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Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 15 - Reckless Love (Cover)


Hello everyone, my name is Ether Narbee, I hail from Nasarawa State Nigeria, I am a gospel artiste, I sing and play the guitar.

I am excited to be participating in week 15 of Vibes Web3 Music Competition and I bring you all a cover of "Reckless Love for the win!" Original song by Cori Asbury. This song hits differently. It captures the wild, unconditional love God offers, even when we mess things up for ourselves. God's love for me is matchless! How can the mornach of the Universe give His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross of Calvary for my sins, I mean am just human and don't think I deserve such huge sacrifice but then God has found me worthy and that's the power that fuels my journey.

I hope to learn more about this space gradually, my profound gratitude goes to @ovey10 for onboarding me to Hive. Thank you to everyone that stopped by my blog..🙏


Wow... Such a beautiful voice @esthernarbe
I'm completely captivated by this performance, this is a solid first entry from you. Keep being amazing dear..
You're welcome to Hive Blockchain, keep shining like the light you are dear..

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Wow, your voice is so sincere and pure....Your tone is amazing, I love your rendition of this worship song. I love how you glide through your head voice to your chest voice. You play strings so well too, good luck this week 👏.

Welcome to our Vibes Web3 Music Competition, I'm one of the Official Judges, this was a sweet melodious performance from you and a wonderful musical introduction of your God given talents

I love your entry keep it up

Nice one I love your instrumentation

wow you sang so well. keep it up. Please I need your vote, I was nominated pls
Screenshot (93).png

I'm the first person pls vote for me. Thank to and god bless you so much

Preciosa voz🥰🥰

Mamah Narbe
You go an amazing voice you know🥹