Driving my truck around Europe / Live on Twitch

in Hive Gaming4 years ago (edited)

Time for another long distance trip across Europe - where to this time I wonder?


Not the usual content that I put out on this account and I promise it wont be a regular thing. I' have been using @abh12345.ggame for the odd stream, but seeing as I'm getting hammered with downvotes and could do with a rest from the 'serious' content, I thought I'd do a bit of gaming.

Euro Truck is more of a cult offering, and didn't win any awards for the way it looks. It is quite addictive though, and I've built up a small army of 6/7 trucks which are operated by the computer and bringing in cash to pay off the large loan I took out.

Prior to posting, I've not picked any cargo or destination but think I'll try to get out of the UK into mainland Europe, so that'll involve a short ferry ride or the Chunnel. More cash is award for avoiding accidents, but I usually ignore speed cameras :)

As I'm playing on a laptop with only one screen available, i'll need to pause to see anything else.

Bon Voyage!


Try Romania, but don't expect too many highways :).

Just picked, Germany first and we'll see after that. I do prefer the country drives, more chance to overtake on bends :D

Remember they drive on the wrong side of the road. I nearly got myself caught out the last time I was over in Europe by looking the wrong way. Try the Champs Elysses in a truck it should be real fun.

Yeah I got fined at the start of the journey driving on the wrong side in the UK, doh!

You're right, they drive on the wrong side of the road in UK 😁

Hehe, keep on truckin!! Do you get to drink beer and pick up ho's at the roadside in this game? - Asking for a friend?

haha :D

Tried 'interacting' with the pedestrians but no go - can't even hit and run!

Aw dang, there is nothing better than clipping a pedestrian at 80mph!

One of the mafia games used to have a great driving bit. I was a menace :OD

Yeah the game needs a bit more options for rage and comedy. Beeping the horn just doesn't have the desired effect!

For some reason I'm reminded of this....

10 minutes in.


I've been playing this game for years, on and off. Played a few hours while I was away from this place. It's relaxing and sometimes I"ll even turn on some of the in game radio stations and have a listen to what you folks across the ocean like to hear. Those accents though... LOL!

Good man! A fellow trucker 😎

I do find playing quite relaxing and strangely rewarding - and with Steem it’s possible to get a reward on top of the in game coins, brill!

It has been a while since I’ve tuned into the in-game radio stations though!

Asher and his truck again. Nice. When you coming to Aus mate?


Aus was on my list on a trip i bought at 22 but I spent too much money in New Zealand. Would love to visit but I need to find a fair amount of surplus coins first. Finland during its week of summer sounds nice too!

Do Finland mate! I'll be there 10th July this year.

How good is NZ man? Damn I loved it. Only close to home too really. We'll be back.

Taraz offered me the cellar recently but will likely be moved and so perhaps it'll be a dungeon at the new place.

I loved NZ! Such a cool place with loads to see and do. Still got my skydive and bungy vids :)

Yep, his new place has a dungeon...But I'm happy to take that and you can have the guest wing. 🙂

I didn't bungee there in NZ, did that in Cairns though. Good fun.

So kind :)

Yeah I'd be up for another Bungee, would probably pass the skydive though.

Maybe a joint Asher-Galen bungee is on the cards? That post would go straight to trending. 🤣


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I've never played the game, but I played a similar game based around US trucking... Can't remember the name for the life of me, but I remember playing it when I was around 10 years old.

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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I just followed you on twitch. Maybe I can catch one of your streams one day:) I usually only watch some poker streamers on there :D

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