Red Dead Redemption: An Ode to the Western

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These days, we are used to see superhero films on the top of the highest grossing movies of all time, they are aclaimed by people in general, being a profitable market, there is no surprise in this, even if you like the genre or not, superhero films are on everybody´s mouths and that will be for a long time until people gets tired of it. It´s not something new though, in the history of cinema there is always been many genres that becomes the center of the world in its time, like western, I´d say it was its equivalence that time ago.,474247/

There are not too many western videogames and this is a hard truth, it´s not like in the movies that there are like hundreds and hundreds of western films and I like to think that the reason is that making a western videogame it´s not an easy task, but not everything is that bad, we already have a western videogame which actually is an art piece, sublime in its aspects and an ode to the genre itself, cinephiles have: Once upon a Time in the West. We gamers have: Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption follows the story of John Marston, an outlaw, ex member from a dangerous gang. John wants to turn over a new leaf but his wife and son are kidnapped by the government, John needs to kill every member of the old gang he used to belong if he wants to see his family again. John himself is a great and complex character that we´ll accompany through the game, not only that, there are also a lot of charismatic characters that will help us in our little adventure.

The story of Red Dead Redemption talks about the redemption as it says in its title, the cycle of hate and revenge that never ends, and how our past actions can affect our future. People try so hard to run away from their past and no matter hard you try, it always comes back to you.

Red Dead Redemption has a great narrative and well written characters, indeed, but, what is a videogame without its gameplay? Let me tell you, this game is so much fun and inmersive. Basically, an open world where you can explore this western world as much as you want, you will find side quests too and I´m not talking about empty missions about going from point A to point B, it´s more than just that, they feel so organic, not just your classic npc, they feel like real people actually asking you for help, the side quests have context and it won´t feel boring doing them.

There are many weapons you can choose as your liking, you can hunt animals and dangerous criminals to earn some extra money, also you can have your own horse. John will have its own fame and honor in the game, deppending on your actions, good or bad, they can change your fame and honor, so it´s better to pay attention about what you are doing, because if you do criminal acts your head will be wanted, so it´s up to you if you want to be a good or a bad civilian.

Red Dead Redemption was released in the year 2010, it´s been 10 years and the game still looks beautiful, amazing graphics for its time and even now, the atmosphera in this game feels so good in part for its graphics, sometimes you just want to walk and to see the lovely scenary that tha game has to offer, the animations of the characters are great too and the voice acting is flawless.

Red Dead Redemption is a must-play videogame if you have a Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or a good PC, an unforgettable experience that will reach your heart with a tragic and dramatic story about the consequences of your past actions, charismatic characters and a fun gameplay is what you are going to find in this art piece, a good example of a well done open world videogame.


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