Retro Gaming Blogging Challenge: Day XIV - Retrogame I would Like to see a Remake of

in Hive Gaming5 months ago

Hello, greetings to the community. Finally, I am on the final day of the challenge, I have to say that participating here has been a pleasure, sharing my anecdotes and experiences has been something quite great, but everything has an ending. The last topic for today is about that game that you would love to see a remake of and as much as I think about it, I personally would like to see a remake of the game that I will show you next.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, has been a video game that since its launch, has given a lot to talk about and one of those many things that people usually mention, is above all that content cut from the video game, it is not a surprise but the game since it did not fit entirely on a Nintendo 64 cartridge at the time, much of the content that was planned for this game ended up being cut, some things ended up in the Master Quest edition but in general, most just disappeared, to give a small example, the Citadel of Hyrule was going to be fully recreated in the final game, but due to the very limited cartridge, Nintendo preferred to use pre-rendered spaces.

Although it is true that the Nintendo 64 cartridge was quite limited, Nintendo had a plan and this was the Nintendo 64 DD peripheral, which in a few words improved the console, with this peripheral it was planned to make Zelda Ocarina of Time even more ambitious, but as some may already know, the 64 DD was a sales flop, so this previously thought expansion of Zelda Ocarina of Time disappeared.

This content expansion was called Zelda Ura, there really are many rumors, without going too far, there is a rumor that says that we would be able to use another character in the years that Link was sealed by the master sword. Ura Zelda was going to incorporate more temples into the game and more areas to explore, the temple of light was one of those many temples that were to be explored.

I put this expansion here because I would like to see a remake of Zelda Ocarina of Time with the expansion of Ura Zelda, to take a look at all that content that had to be cut, I know that there is a remake in the 3Ds but none of that content It is in the game, I am realistic and I know in advance that something like that would never happen but if I had to choose a remake, I would choose that one for the reasons I already gave. I understand that there are mods that try to emulate the experience, however they are not finished.