[Anomad Plays] MTG Arena: Booster Draft Dominaria United

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@slobberchops might get angry at me because Dominaria United might be perceived as a cash grab from Wizards of the Coast while depreciating previous editions, but I have to admit I love MTG and ever since I came back I've been playing every time I have the chance, which is not a lot by the way.

Maybe @kommienezuspadt will be interested in playing some matches with me, although I think he preferes irl playing, something I do every Friday night before my show with @l337m45732 called @crypt0holics.

Anyway, I played a Dominaria United Booster Draft and did well considering I hadn't played a booster draft in 15 years except the one I played a couple of weeks ago when the new set came out.

Check it out, maybe you end up being interested in Magic: The Gathering!

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I take little interest in MtG now besides occasional sealed product for investing long-term. I have a closet full of older boxes which will never get split. They need to shift their game into the crypto world, it would open people's eyes.

That’s amazing, I wonder what boxes you have there, but it is definitely a good investment long term. They definitely need to step up their blockchain game not only because they would save tons in hosting and cloud services but also because the future lies in tokenized gaming economies and they already have two native tokens, all they need to do is to set up the foundations for this.

Nothing too recent, but they are hardly vintage. I haven't bought any for a while. Some of them appreciate well and others not. I am trying to dump a sealed RTR box from 2012.. and struggling.


Damn, I am jealous now, so much cardboard there! I am enjoying arena to be honest, the $ spent is little and the magic experience is amazing.