Life Is Strange—Gameplay-Fiction-Chapter 04| Back To Reality

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Life Is Strange is the story of the 18-year-old photography student, Max Caulfield. It's her ability to rewind time is the core idea of the game, and there's a lot of interesting scenarios to describe. It's both include her relationship struggles and the other external adventures.


Here I am converting it into a fictional story, there's plenty of moments which words can't describe. So I will be narrating the story with a little bit differently. The plot and incidents will be the same. Some dialogues and some other small stuff will be changed to make it a better one to read. This will be a series, where each post comes as each chapter.

The header image is from here, and all other images are screenshots taken from the game.

She could hear the footsteps getting closer and louder. She was eager to find out who it was, she is still holding that photograph of the butterfly in hand. She walked towards the edge and peeked through who it was.

"Nathan..." She just realised who it was. She looked at his face, he was searching for a place to be lonely. She could see that in that face. He is stressed out and talking to himself. He moved towards the mirror near the washbasin and started talking more and more to himself.


"It's cool Nathan... Don't stress. You're okay"
Nathan's voice reflected inside the bathroom. Even when he is saying this he got more and more and stressed. He is shivering and his voice is rumbling. He continued to talk to himself.

"Don't be scared...
You own this school.
If I wanted I could blow it up."

Max got more excited about these words of him. She was a bit feared about the consequences if he finds that she was there. Nathan is getting upset and he couldn't bear the stress.

The next second the door opened once more, a girl with a blue hair came inside to the restroom.


"So what do you want?"
Nathan asked the girl in the next second she entered the room.

"I hope you checked the perimeter, as my step-ass would say"
And she started checking each part of the restroom. She opened the doors and looked inside of that. She was reaching towards Max. Max got the instinct that she could be caught any minute now.

"Now let's talk bidness?" As she last opened the last door. She said that to him.

"I got nothing for you?" Nathan replied in a harsh voice. But that only made her angrier."

"Wrong... You got hella cash" she replied that as a statement that could never be false.

And that argument got tougher. Nathan tried to act like the boss but he couldn't. He became a little boy in front of her confidence. Max was getting more upset at each moment. From the talks, Max understood a lot about both of them. Nathan is a kid from the rich family and doing a drug-related thing and making money, it's why he wanted to be the boss.


She is trying to blackmail him and taking money from him. But she seems like a different kind of girl and she has something different about it. She is trying to prove some point and have a conversation. All of a sudden there was a whole differing happened. Nathan pulled out a gun of his jacket. That was never expected. It not only frightened Max it also frightened her. She was also not expecting that, but she also tried to show some guts. But she realised that it won't work out.


Then there was a loud sound, Nathan shot her. The sound reflected inside the bathroom. Max couldn't process that inside her. She walked towards it and said.

"No... Stop..."

The next moment everything around Max seemed fading away. For a few moments, everything around her seemed like some kind of fantasy world. She was shivering and started feeling like something different was happening in the world around her. It felt unstable and it seemed like she was getting some kind of heartbreak. Still, her last words were reflecting on her. For a few seconds, she started feeling like the world around her is in monochrome.


Then everything turned into darkness. The answer for the mysteries, it's darkness. It felt like a different kind of darkness where she could feel the nothingness around her. Max tried started taking deep breaths, she knew it wasn't death. It's happening always to her.

She slowly opened the eyes, again a peculiar orange light started taking her vision away. She feels like everything around here is some kind of magic. She remembers this lighting and the feel.

"Here again."

She again had a breath and realised she was in her classroom. It felt more and more uncomfortable for her. She couldn't find any reason why it's happening like this. The important thing was the girl who got shot was still in her mind. She is getting more and more confused. Lot of chaotic thoughts we're passing inside her head.

"Who is that girl?"


She felt some kind of sympathy for her. She tried to ignore the classroom cause she felt like it was also another dream she just had before. Now she is not that much of a believer of reality. All she is trying was to get a grab of the thing happening around her. Each of these encounters is making her more and more empty and chaotic. She again started taking deep breaths, she knew that it was the way to unravel the mysteries.

[Story Continues]