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It took a while to build my deck to this level but overall, I think it was worth the stress. In the past, I used to waltz into Champion 3 level without stress and even made it to Champion 1 rep on a couple of seasons.

Since the collection power thingy, things became has become a lot more difficult and I can't explain why. I doubt I would even be able to get into Champion status if they let me.


After I organically built my collection power to qualify for Diamond 2 status, I have been battling my way up the ladder and I only recently just made it to my peak with roughly 2 days of the season to go.

Getting to this level feels like a bigger feat than my previous conquests prior to the Collection power change. In this season, I've had to battle against the odds more often than I thought in Diamond 2.

I think a big reason for this increase in difficulty is because of the cluster of quality at the upper room of the game, thus requiring people who aren't particularly super powerful to focus on climbing up the ranks in lower leagues.

It is pretty much the same thing in the Gold league too. About three seasons ago, I played with the idea of staying in Gold standard but you'd find that there are some monster level decks in that neck of the woods.

The increase in quality has sort of made the game a tad bit more interesting and depressing as well. The pain of losing so many damn battles before completing my daily quest and feeling like a bum afterwards is frustrating but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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It is definitely more challenging to get up to and stay in diamond league - part of me hates it because it used to be easy

part of me likes it because it is more challenging

i guess they found a good middle ground LOL

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Yeah. At the end of every daily quest, I actually feel like I did something important :)

Oh I hear you, about the power points requirements to enter tournaments. I made a post also discussing my experiences with game. Although not all rosy I still love Splinterlands and think of it as my top game out of all in the Hive ecosystem. Thanks!

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The game's more difficult to play and since no gamer likes losing, it is more difficult to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well... congrats.
You're doing good.
Keep on battling.