Outlast Chap 4: Richard Trager (English subtitles)

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Hello, gamers! Welcome to a new chapter of Outlast, along with @mairene1 we walk through the eerie corridors of Mount Massive Asylum. For those who follow my posts know that this is one of the few Survival Horror that really terrifies me, so now you can see me suffering UWU

¡Hola, gamers! Bienvenidos a un nuevo capítulo de Outlast, junto con @mairene1 recorremos los inquietantes pasillos del Asilo del Monte Massive. Para quienes siguen mis post saben que este es de los pocos Survival Horror que realmente me aterran, así que ahora pueden verme sufriendo UWU

My Gameplays have English subtitles for the English-speaking audience. I hope you enjoy it.

Mis Gameplays , cuentan con subtítulos en inglés para la audiencia angloparlante. Espero lo disfruten.

Características del juego
GéneroSurvival Horror
Sistema OperativoWindows 10


Game characteristics
Release year2013
GenreSurvival Horror
Operating SystemWindows 10


And well, people, this has been all for today's post, I hope you liked it. Thank you very much as always for supporting my work, I welcome new readers, I love you all very much, I send you a hug and I'll meet you in another post.

Y bueno, gente, esto ha sido todo por el post de hoy, espero que les haya gustado. Muchas gracias como siempre por apoyar mi trabajo, le doy la bienvenida a los nuevos lectores, les quiero mucho a todos, les envío un abrazo y ya nos encontraremos en otro post

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That game would be more interesting if you're alone in the room and with the lights out. 😁


I've played it alone until I got tired haha that's why I invited my sister this time. And if I turn off the light I feel like the light ring light is not enough and I feel like I can't see myself hahahaha. Thanks for the support

I've played it alone until I got tired

Got tired or got scared? 😂 LOL.

You're welcome. 😊

both, being scared too much tires the mind hahaha


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