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This is a review of a Game "The Rise Of Tomb Raider" and of course, this post will have spoilers. In this review, we are going to cover everything Like Story, Graphics, Negatives, etc. So, first of all, let's talk about the story of the game


So this game takes place a year after the events of 2013's Tomb Raider and while on the search for more answers Laurie turns to her father's late works on the lost city of Kitaj and the promise of immortality this, then leads her to go on another trip to Northwestern Syria and helps young discover the tomb of the prophet of Constantinople which it might be how you say it's a very interesting word.

Basically he was a key figure in the lost city and well here you go through the basics of the game and you find out that the tomb has already been rated by trendy and trendy is the order in this game that is basically the enemy of this game but basically they're in order that investigates the supernatural and they basically play the same role as the brothers in the previous game but a little different.

In this tomb, though you meet the leader of Trinity which is Constantine that also plays a pretty big role in this game while here Lauren knows some symbols etched into the tomb which he thinks links to a book in Russian religious history so after his escape and training leaving the tomb she goes off to read this book to which she learns about the divine source which grants you immortality and that Siberia is the place to start looking for it now in Siberia you start off by getting lost in the mountains to which this place is almost the exact same role as the beginning of 2013's numerator where it uses the small segment to show you the basics of mechanics and camps and how the crafts and all that but after this, you actually start the story in its game itself so as you can imagine Trinity is here looking at the same thing you are and you eventually get captured by them and taken to the gulags wall there you meet Jacob.

So now you and Jacob both have to escape the gulags and make your way out of Trinity's region and back to the main quest so after you escape them you discover that Jacob is the leader of the people of this Siberian in place which are basically uses this village and smelled the valley and they are descendants of the prophets followers then once here you're basically left off to explore by yourself and progress story at your own pace and something new to this game the side quest now while none of them are really memorable you do get some pretty valuable rewards for doing these side quests so I would recommend doing them but they really aren't adding to the story in any way but yeah story-wise you're basically just going through this area exploring more to get your endpoint and after all this you just get to this little old worn out place which is like a church of sorts I'm still not exactly sure because I wasn't paying that much attention but basically Trinity is occupying it and you take Anna who is the part of Constantine and the previous partner of Laurens dad's hostage and basically after all this and all of the confrontation you you fall and make your way to this tomb of source where you find that they outlets which the Atlas is basically the map to the lost city if you put it up to a light so it's pretty pretty simple concept just you get it and you make your way back so once you get back and with this object you meet Jonah who is from the previous game as I said you play pretty big world but Jonah is here again whoo, it was actually here in the beginning of the game and just kind of like dipped when you got lost in the mountains but yeah Jonah's here and now something I wasn't expecting.

I was a trainee of ambushes ooh and they take the Atlas and take Jonah all of them they take him to the Gulag they take the Atlas and I was just not expecting because it was all nice and quiet like John does Becky a and then trainees like all right my now yeah so after the past 10 hours of which you've played you're not the last section of the story so you gotta go save John - which Jonah gets a wound that if not treated very soon would kill a man you take Jenna - Jacob - which he heals him and Jenna recovers in mere seconds this is where Laura realizes that Jacob is the Prophet which it's pretty obvious if you look at him and you just add the two up together but I was not expecting it I was actually really surprised so yeah but after all this though you now have to go to the lost city and get the divine source so this is where the game gets really similar to the original 2013 reboot now well in the lost city you discover the people called the deathless ones which basically the immortal guards so sounding familiar yeah but what a lot saying before you get into this that if you actually read the journals that are throughout the game you find out that the divine source bestows immortality at the cost of oneself so pretty fun fact and that will play a role later but after fighting your way through the city you make it to the last part where you have to kill you you kill Constantine but you have the option of its fate either you just kill them immediately like I did where I just took an arrow and just shot him in the face because I just didn't wanna deal with it or you brutally kill him which is just brutal.

I was not expecting it we just let him be engulfed in flames in yeah either way he does but after this you get to the end where Anna is holding up the divine source where Jacob also arrives here Anna activates the divine source to which she is overwhelmed by and thus gives or her only chance to grab it into story and after destroying it the deathless ones who is the one regards again they perished in their bye-bye and Jacob lost his immortality and he is starting to fade away so base wait you destroyed the divine source and Jacob who is the Prophet is dying so it's like you know like it's kind of when those things were like you can do this but this will happen return so yeah it's basically like that but after all this the fate of Anna takes place and after credits scenes which basically she's giving secrets about Randy and she's just assassinated which I mean yeah I don't know why and I would imagine that leads up to the next game but I'm not done with it but yeah that's it that's the game everyone basically dies and you just left off by yourself so yeah other from that lets actually get into the rest of this game now ran off with gameplay okay now that the really long part is over let's actually get into the smaller part so game plan this game is still as good as 2013's true murder the Fighting's still amazing in the platforming something that I still love doing now well obviously improved on.*

I do think that improves for the bedroom shows but as I said before the mechanics in this game are much more complex and this can come from the several different types of errors you can make to the mouse stuff you can loot and make it's it's much more complex and how everything works but one other thing is that camps are much more complex - now before I get into this I just want mention that I do like how camps have the same UI is the previous Tomb Raider it's a nice little touch but yeah camps are much more complex and this also ranges from the stupid mount camps there I think I came across like 20-something verses the original tomb raider which had like 16 or something but yeah there's a lot more camps in this game in this also comes with the amount of skills you get so as you can imagine the skills in this game are much more complex and the previous game there's a lot more different stuff there's a lot more weapons and ammo and all that it's just much more complex over up but it's just something I like is that you can still digest all of this complexity in this game it's not overwhelming but if you're like me and you played the original tomb raider and they're immediately coming to this it might be a little bit overwhelming but overall it's just the right amount but yeah game play mechanics in this game well much more complex in the previous one they are still really good I still really like them


Graphics in this game are stunning in I still find it crazy how much better graphics got in a matter of two years but yeah graphics in this game are something that I hold up very well for five years later and they're just overall really good so I don't have much complaining about the graphics they look amazing especially for 2015.

It's just the most important thing that gif from is that 2013 summer and 2015 are it's just much better graphically but yeah very short part on graphics and another from that let's talk about visuals and again yes these are two different things but in this game I do have to say is as visually pleasing as 2013 Jim Raider and oh yes there are great visuals it's just not as good as when I was going through the past generator and well I wish they did do a little more visuals in this game I do have to admit the ones in this game were really good so yeah short little two point about graphics in visual right there I wish I was a little longer than that gantu but they're just better in yeah that's basically it but other from that let's talk about the lore so like the last game there's a lot of objects in journals you can find throughout the entire game that tells the lore of the story and just everything goes you know the history of the place and some many stories I mean one of them that I really like is that there's this mini story in those journals about a couple in the gulag that really enjoyed but I I do wish that they implemented them more into the story itself since like I said last post I wish they like did it better I mean I like how it is how it works and all that but I feel like they could have made it more integrated with the story itself but yeah Lord the Lord in this game is nice especially because it's Russian and who doesn't like that it tells a lot of stories especially from the gulag so I feel like they could have done a little more with it and I feel like it's a little less as like indeed as the original tomb raider but I do like the Lord in this game and do it very well but short part on that too but let's get into the negatives


so the amount of stuff in this game that I don't actually like, surprise me a lot because there's quite a lot in this game and I was not expecting it coming from 2013's from Ritter now keeping a short game wise it's mostly just lazy things for for example let's say every tomb that you've raged it has the exact same outcome you get to this pedestal that has the exact same text in every single one of them and yes I have I did take a bunch of screenshots just to make sure I was right now throw them up on the screen but I feel like they could have been a lot better with that and just made it unique for each different tomb that you're rating not just the same thing because I mean if you look at the text from the pedestal someone doesn't have to relate to where you are in the tomb so I feel like they could have done that but something else I won't put you attention as the micro transactions and yes there are micro transactions in this game but thankfully they are cosmetic only so well I guess you could kind of explain this with the fact that the previous game did it and sell extremely well I mean don't get me wrong it did do extremely well just it didn't do enough so like they did extremely well but it wasn't what they wanted so they put micro transactions in this game but I still don't like it as you know it's probably.
I would imagine back when this game came out it was probably annoying but again I can't really hate that much because I did get every cosmetic and DLC for $8 and the entire game so yeah micro transactions in this game are annoying but they don't have affect gameplay in any way so I can't let that slide but as you'll soon later see in upcoming posts that will not stay the true but other from that it's mostly just laziness in the actual game from again the tombs having the exact same outcome or just like lazy small attention to details which I don't care that much but would be nice to see cuz they did that in the least own the 2013's Tomb Raider but yeah so now a lot of negatives but there still is some negatives that I don't like but yeah now wrapping this post up let's get to the verdict


Overall for this game being five years old and obviously not as much quality as the previous one I do have to admit that this still is a great game and throughout the entire game.

I did love every moment and still found the story really fun to get into and just indulgent and well I might not like some aspects of the game and how it does have some performance issues so, for example, I have a mid-end PC you say and I was getting like 60 frames on high so while that is still really good I do have to admit that sometimes the frames will drop. Other from that I do also have to admit that the price for this game was fantastic again I got it for $8.00 including every deal seen every cosmetic so it's really cheap and we're in quarantine again you know you have nothing better do but in the end, I would give this game a 9.1 points out of 10 which is it extremely well score and the only thing holding it back is the lack of quality compared to the 2013 Tomb Raider and some of the main quests in the story line how it's just not as gray as I think it could have been but as you can imagine. And yeah overall this game is great I really recommend you to get if you don't have.

Points 9.1/10

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