Getting Back Into Runescape


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Last time I played this game was way before 2013, AND I LOST MY ACCOUNT somewhere in between, This is a new account and a lot like a fucking lot has changed since then, Jesus the game looks complicated now.

When I initially started off I remember the game started off from Lumbbridge, I completed quite a few quests had a shit more to complete but those quests were only for members Sigh I remember frequently visiting the Grand Exchange in Varrock to exchange my lumber and food items for some extra coins so i could buy myself a good set of Armour.

Memory's a bit hazzy but I remember fighting off Count Fucking Dracula in some abandoned manor 🤣

and my skill FML almost all of them were 35+ I feel like now because imma take ages to build all of that and I have to redo the quests as well, Like damn the quests aren’t even easy in this game, It's challenging yet fun yet a pain to solve them.

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I tried getting back into it when they released the old school thing. It was just to slow for me.

I didn't really like the Old School one that much