Let's Review Battlefield 5-- Is Battlefield 5 still worth buying? (Game Review)

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In this post, We are going to review Battlefield V. In this Review we will see if this game still worth playing. Is Battlefield 5 worth Buying in 2020? So let's just get started with

Sandbox Experience

The sandbox is made up of maps and for the small amount of money you can pay for this game now there are a fair few maps on it they're fairly varied, they're quite a large scale. So there are lots of possibilities to do different things and you can obviously do things like use infantry or vehicles. There's an array of weapons to use as the infantry and there are creative possibilities like attaching dynamite to vehicles or plunking a health crate on a vehicle or parachuting out of a plane and landing on top of a bridge all sorts of stars. So that there are more sandbox opportunities than most games that's for sure as there are only many games out there like battlefield to be fair a large scale shooter of this nature with an arcade II feel a lot at the time when compared with things like squad post scriptum etc and so yes again in my opinion as a sandbox experience playing it for the first time you do get quite a lot of freedom.

I'd say it delivers on that front for sure if you're buying it for that reason for a reduced price however and this is where it caught a lot of long-term battle players out don't expect it to have the same level of sandbox experience or only in battlefield moments as some of the previous Basford entries if you've played them before you may be left a little bit disappointed it's just lacking that department by comparison unfortunately like I played bf one before this and only in battle moments happen that game frequently butt battle 5 that they're much more of a rarity but that specific point aside yeah it's it's a fairly good sandbox experience especially with friends in fact I highly highly highly recommend playing with friends which might be a little bit trickier if you're just picking this up for cheap now but playing solo I find the game frustrating fairly quickly after having played it for quite a long time now of course but with friends I can pass two three four hours without too much stress generally and overall have a pretty good time I can put the folks aside and just have fun with my friends playing a game their supports playing with a group.


If you've never played the game before don't worry about being left behind in the gun play department aside from just the basic skills of aiming and you know that kind of thing there's not much to learn for the vast majority of weapons it's very much point-and-shoot with most of them and you'll do fine of course there are mechanics and underlying aspects of play but for your average player it basically plays like an arena shooter in the gunplay Department in a lotta ways and it has lots of guns that suit new or less able players low recoil simple and familiar gunplay now there is bullet travel time and bullet drop that is something some will need to get to grips with but it is in particular extreme in my opinion and if you like the idea of just having straight-up simple gunfights and trying to best your enemy they're new good to go and although I prefer the gunplay mechanics or something like bf1 I still find shooting people in ba5 to be fun it's been a widely praised aspect of the game by many players and so yes all ttk and weapon balance shifts aside the gunplay experience is without doubt worthy of a reduced price game easily it's probably the strongest aspect of the game for many the ways to improve your play we're using guns is concerned is simple and intuitive get better aiming control your recoil improve your reactions and away you go as your average casual player unless you're more well-versed in shooters and you want to look deeper in which case you may notice more things like random recoil and blah blah but for your average player pointless shoot you're gonna be alright and so while some may find it too simplistic many many others will get to grips with the gunplay quickly and likely enjoy it.


This is one of the fatal flaws of the BF 5, Experience of the beer 5 Live service. If you couldn't even call it that content has been delayed, canceled, poorly implemented all that kind of stuff but for a discount game, there's plenty enough here guns lots of them now. And there's about to be more in the final update yes though if you didn't know and this is probably important for you to know before you buy the game if you're doing it right now the final fresh content drop will come in after a month or less I believe so that's the last one until the next battle game but regardless you have smg's, semi-auto, rifles bolt-action rifles, and two material rifles LNG's shotguns and more so plenty to try even if some of them are fairly sim from an experiential standpoint then we have maps and there's a decent amounts and they're quite varied now it's unlikely using an individual will enjoy every map some of them really don't appeal to your average player at all me personally I strongly dislike the huge open ones where you can be killed from any angle any distance without seeing the enemy but some of the maps are cool and again for a reduced price it's nice that you can go and play in the city in Rotterdam or in what you call a swamp area I guess on twisted steel or in the snowy mountains etc but aside from the maps there's obviously the modes and they say handful of them not really enough to be honest as some of them got removed which was an issue for people that bought the game when it first released but there's a few and you get a temporary one to play for a week here and there and that kind of stuff so if you like the larger modes to conduce them to like conquest if you like the smaller stuff you can play team deathmatch it's kind of limiting overall but there's enough free cheap purchase for most players.


There is stuff the tide of war which is like the seasonal element of the live service. It is basically irrelevant at this point I think with new content coming to a close that's what I assume. we've not been outright told what's gonna happen with the tides of war so we'll have to see me but they'll keep it going in some regards but certainly not in its full form but overall for progression you have the basic season unlock list Grimes and a load of challenges to complete four different guns and classes to unlock cosmetics there are also specializations to unlock for each gun but they get unlocked really really quickly so it's kind of a non-factor overall it's decent for a budget game but yeah it's been a bit of a letdown for most people especially those people that bought the deluxe edition by the way like myself included we got ripped off.

Potential Problems

Let's also do the potential problems of a purchase. what do you need to be aware of before you play the game I'm sure some of you who have played bf5 will have your own issues too but there's the visibility the actual art design of the game and the graphical fidelity all of that stuff combines it makes it hard to see people and this no manual spotting and some people love there being no manual spotting and that's fine but when you first play the game please do not be surprised that you get shot from places by people you had no chance of seeing it is a regular occurrence is something you're going to have to get you - it has been improved but it's still not great some people really like it because they like the realistic or tactical aspect of it I disagree I don't think it's realistic sometimes people like ten meters away in the Coliseum and I don't think lying in a bush is really particularly tactical it's just basic lying in a bush but each to their own just don't be surprised that visibility is a factor you have to consider.


There are bugs, there are lots of bugs. For example, even now at this stage for the game hasn't been out for ages. Don't be surprised when sometimes you can't fire your weapon or aim down sight that just happens, Don't be surprised if you get stuck in a downed state. Don't be surprised if your game crashes Don't be surprised if you see graphical glitches like black blocks in the air. Don't be surprised by any of these things there are bugs they are abundant dice have never managed to fully clean them up and it may well be that they never fully go away then this the netcode something's complained about a lot is hit detection and lag and all that kind of stuff netcode has been an issue in this game even though some people tell you it hasn't been feel free to go and watch but Ananse in this video from way back when when he covered it the game has had netcode issues and I still think has them to a degree now you can add to that that people from faraway regions are now playing in the wrong region for reasons we'll come to soon which creates really high-paying enemies to play against and that brings lag as well and actually let's cover that right now sorry lack of player numbers and service being closed down in some regions pushes these players together and that's a pretty awful experience for them sometimes obviously if they've got hyping all the time and it's not great for the person playing against them as they lack around and things aren't reliable then this weapon balance just some weapon ballots in this game is poor there it's just not balanced properly unfortunately guys have never been able to get it right they didn't listen to the right people within the team that's all I can really say about it but some elements of management course the weapon balance of this game should be very flawed it's better now than it's been at some points previously but it's still not wonderful so some guns are kind of irrelevant unfortunately and some guns the best way to use them isn't really conducive to good gunplay and so that kind of brings us to weapon mechanics again don't be surprised to see lots of people just lying down and run the places where you can't see them. So basically what I am trying to say is that this game there are a lot of bugs that make the game unplayable or annoying.

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