Akami... The crimson Hunter

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Well in the last post I said. "in the next one I tell why akami" right? Well is easy

Because I like anime I know some words, just the easy ones hahaha. Well the color red is aka in japanese and Kami is God and thats all.

Too easy my fellas

Pic hunting an Akantor in G rank whit Glamour💋💅

I deciden called her Akami because I was tired of making males characteres to look like me an try something diferente to create a new life for example.

Btw im also a hardcore fan from Dark Souls. I made a lot of runs in Dark Souls and Dark Souls2 where when I start playing I died a lot from cliffs enemies tramps and now I can just make a run naked only whit the fists as a weapon.

The last time when I play Dark Souls2 was a run whitout dying and whitout bonfires. That was the fuking hell and I like that.

I really like the hard games and make those hard games more hards than usuals to make good challenges to proove my gaming habilites.


Pic fighting 4 kings whit fifst weapons before the disaster 😂