Hive Pizza Brawlhalla Tournament Announcement! May 21st COME ONE COME ALL! FREE ENTRY WITH TASTY PRIZES!

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Hello all of you people out there on hive, is proud to annouce it's first Brawlhalla Tournament. It's been hinted at in the various streams performed by myself @creodas and @bacon-dub in discord and the various vague hints left at other events. Now it's finally here! and expect more to come. (Shoutout to @nane-qts who did the banner, you rock)


Free Registration: Brawl for Glory and Pizza!

To register for this tournament and generate brackets use the google form here and if you have any questions about prize distrubution or anything of that nature feel free to reach out in discord.

Brackets will be determined by a number of factors, including overall player participation. Brackets will be announced before the tournament. At that time registration is closed.

The winner of this tournament will receive 150 PIZZA tokens that they can use on steam games or here on hive in various blockchain titles. Or converted into another token of your choosing. Additional tasty pizza prizes will be given to those participating and watching this event LIVE on discord and here on twitch.

This tournament will be held on May 21st at 5PM GMT. Please register before the countdown ends on this post.

This will be the first in a series of tournaments hosted by Stay tuned.


How to install Brawlhalla FREE?


To install brawlhalla merely visit the link here and install it FREE from the steam store. There is over a week before this tournament ensues. EVERYONE is free to enter via the google form here. Interested in watching some gameplay? Don't forget to check me out on twitch here.

Good luck everyone! See you in the arena!


time to install Brawhala people

Instalar pues

Tambien ten este rebanada de !PIZZA

 20 days ago  

Hey there! I would like to participate in this tournament.

To enter fill out the form provided for brackets to be generated. Thank you and I hope to see you there. Have a slice of !PIZZA

This is awesome. I'll be taking a closer look and getting everything installed this weekend.

It should be fun. See you there. !PIZZA

Awesome initiative,


Awesome comment


Got it on my xbox and im ready :D or is it pc only

Fully cross platform. Enjoy the mayhem !PIZZA

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